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A kind of food called parity generation ginseng sick people often poor appetite, this delicious and nutritious congee tend to become a good choice. In the north of China, pregnant women after drink xiaomizhou custom (laocai medical guide WeChat: laocaidy) people think millet can nourishing yin and blood, can make women weak physique recuperation, with millet porridge is the tonic to eat, xiaomizhou also have "ginseng soup" as for the seasons of the year tonic strong body. "[Lu Xun is] millet control" are very popular because of Soviet literature, taught at Peking University Cao Jinghua and Lu Xun became a close friend. By the end of 1933, Cao Jinghua intends to go to Shanghai to visit Lu Xun. Lu Xun in a gift, except for some products in Beijing, and a bag of golden millet. Millet this is the hometown of Cao Jinghua Henan specialty is the advanced skin care products, mostly for patients or pregnant women fill the body with the precious gift of this. When Lu Xun saw Cao Jinghua brought millet, slightly surprised to ask: how do you know I like to eat millet?" Cao Jinghua smiled and replied: "I am from the" two books "to see." "Two" is the original collection of correspondence with the lover Xu Guangping Lu Xun, in which Lu Xun had revealed the thing he loves to eat millet, did not think in mind be careful Cao Jinghua. Lu Xun for the profound friendship friend feel happy, of course, he did not enjoy the "nutritious food", but millet were given to three friends: Mao Dun, Uchiyama and Samuel Zhou Jianren. Beijing shortly after, Cao Jinghua learned that Lu Xun because of overwork lead to physical discomfort, so he tried many tonics azzah, including millet, sent to the hands of Lu Xun, let Lu Xun moved. [nutrition] king millet are rich in nutrients and trace elements, with good blood effect. In addition, due to millet without rice as refined process, so retain the majority of nutrients, its nutritional value is much higher than rice, the benefits of human health is self-evident. 1. To prevent indigestion: chronic diseases of spleen and stomach, often drink xiaomizhou can regulate various reasons lead to gastrointestinal disorders. 2. Reduce bacterial growth: eat millet can reduce the bacteria in the mouth, to remove bad breath. 3. Freckle beauty: millet have to reduce wrinkles, eliminate stains, reduce pigmentation effect. 4. Yangxinanshen: millet is rich in tryptophan, this kind of material can regulate sleep. Often insomnia in the elderly at bedtime drink some xiaomizhou, Zhumian role. 5. Kidney: Kidney Qi, is raising the essence of the role of the grain, and the grain in the strongest, the kidney function of millet. Millet nutrition to eat] although expensive as the king of nutrition, but also pay attention to eating methods, so as to make the nutritional value of millet to the extreme. The letinous edodes xiaomizhou: celery celery to Ye Xijing, boiled with water after the dice; letinous edodes stalks wash and dice. Wash the millet rice to be boiled, open up into letinous edodes and continue to cook until overripe celery, can.相关的主题文章:

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