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Zhang Tianai’s new challenge "and the goddess into Dapeng contra" – Sohu Zhang Tianai entertainment film into Dapeng New Goddess Zhang Tianai film challenge Xi Shi Sohu Luzhu entertainment news October 25th, by ROC producer and starring comedy film starring Zhang Tianai, father and son "contra" in Beijing held a fixed gear conference, announced the July 21, 2017 comedy released in advance to lock. The press conference, Zhang Tianai’s first starring role jiemiansha, is a Luzhu beauty, rather delight characters tempt the appetite of the audience. While talking about the filming of the reason, not only is the upright Zhang Tian’ai said once love bean fudge to Dapeng, also opened many sister mode, open up the scene. The fixed gear conference site, clothing has always been a good cowboy coat dress collocation violet Zhang Tian’ai gentle appearance, with long legs, with a gentle smile and enthusiastic audience interactive platform. When asked about the filming site Luzhu corner of Liu Wen beauty, Zhang Tianai said was "stunned flickered to". While the teacher explained Wei Fan side are already out of hand, Zhang Tian’ai upright up the knife, the answer is revealed once the "love" dapeng. "I have had the teacher Dapeng powder, now very honored to work together". This is Dapeng memories, "she many years ago when I make my first book, let me find the relationship between the signature, said Zhang Tianai refueling, she posted a photo on his micro-blog inside, I only know later this thing. When we meet again, because the invitation Zhang Tian’ai joined the play, I took my second book, I wrote some words to her, when we met that day, she cried, made me feel shy." Zhang Tianai as a popular actress, this year can be described as a strong momentum, she’s the first female film from across the world over 800 million of the box office, breaking the Chinese love movie box office record. In the selection of works is erratic, as each character has a very sharp contrast. In the movie "passing from your world" in full makeup with a delicate and simple acting depict an ordinary little Mao chicken, causing the audience of sentimental memories and resonance; and join a strong super IP "martial universe" as the female main tenderness Swordswomen Ling Qing bamboo, the first challenge to play female interpretation XiaGu tender feelings of less than a month; and then turned his son "contra" Luzhu beauty, role change, styles, and constantly open up new areas of their work resume. In this regard, Zhang Tianai once said "boys love beans Dapeng is not popular and not It is without rhyme or reason. last It is without rhyme or reason. because before talent shows itself, so many years of accumulation and precipitation, she could suddenly be so many people love and concern, I believe she will be very good for her modesty and attitude."相关的主题文章:

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