A Mianyang man falls dead suspect single years of ridicule Dutch Act (Figure) (video)-mp7a1

A Mianyang man falls dead suspect single years of ridicule Dutch Act (Figure) Sichuan Online – Mianyang (micro-blog) channel news (Wang Zheng reporter Zuo Xiangwen Fu Jiang) November 3rd at 16:30 in the afternoon, Mianyang high tech Zone (micro-blog) Changhong seven district three apartment at a man falls dead. Suspected of being ridiculed for "single years", overwhelmed suicide. At present, the case is under further investigation. Mianyang Patrol Special Police nine brigade after receiving instructions, immediately dispatched police immediately scene of the incident. I saw the apartment bedroom window damage, downstairs a man twisted body fell to the ground, covered with blood. Police immediately divided into two groups, one group immediately contact the 120 emergency center, and timely evacuation of onlookers, another group of police pull the cordon, protect the scene of the crime. First aid personnel rushed to the scene, initially confirmed that the man has no signs of life. According to the man roommate introduced, the man surnamed Tang, 35 years old this year, so far single. He died on the same day. A few days before the man jumped off the building, his roommate found out that the man was in a very emotional mood. He cried all night in the dormitory on the first night of the incident. The deceased roommate also said, the man more than 30 years old, has not "play friends", often by friends, colleagues ridicule, he also become inferiority less words, the incident that day at 16 PM, Tang suddenly broke window out, jump down the stairs. At present, the police are still investigating the case further. Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading guy because of single ridicule, three times the room raped women

绵阳一男子坠楼身亡 疑单身多年被人嘲笑自杀(图)四川在线-绵阳 (微博)频道讯(王铮 左翔文 记者 付江) 11月3日下午16时30分,绵阳市高新区(微博)长虹七区内三公寓处一名男子坠楼身亡。疑因被嘲笑“单身多年”,不堪重负自杀。目前,该案正在作进一步调查。绵阳市巡特警九大队在接到指令后,立即派出民警立即事发现场。只见该公寓事发寝室窗户破损,楼下有一男子身体扭曲倒在地上,浑身是血。出勤民警立即分为两组,一组立即联系120急救中心,并及时疏散围观人群,另一组民警拉起警戒线,保护案发现场。急救人员赶到现场后,初步确认该男子已经没有了生命体征。据该男子室友介绍,该男子姓唐,今年35岁,至今单身。当天他是自行跳楼身亡的。在该男子跳楼的前几天,其室友就发现该男子情绪异常波动,于事发头一天夜里,在寝室哭诉了一整夜。死者室友还说,该男子三十多岁了,一直没有“耍朋友”,经常受到朋友、同事的嘲笑,他也因此变得自卑少言,事发当日下午16时许,唐某突然破窗而出,纵身跳下楼去。目前,警方仍在对该案作进一步调查。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 小伙因单身遭嘲笑三次入室强奸女子相关的主题文章:

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