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A man on his way to work was a large truck hit the serious situation of surgery was available in Fuzhou Mr. Weng call us Fujian News Channel News Hotline 0591-83331234 reflect that his uncle was a Minhou factory workers on Tuesday night to go home, be careful not to be a container truck crashed into a very serious injury the urgent need for surgery! However, whether it is the driver or the employer are reluctant to come up with surgical expenses, which makes them anxious and helpless family: just off the job was hit by a large truck, but also very serious! The operation fee but no landing…. Mr. Wong’s nephew told reporters that evening, Mr. Weng under the class ready to go home, in units out of the door, a large truck suddenly hit over to him! After the accident, Mr. Weng was immediately sent to the two hospital in, after diagnosis, Mr. Weng, the fracture of the ribs, the left leg comminuted fractures, the kidneys, pelvis are severely damaged, the urgent need for surgery in the future, the first time in the future, the hospital is the first time in the city of Fuzhou. In the morning, the two hospital of Fuzhou city and seven District, the reporter saw lying on the bed of Mr. weng. Mr. Weng’s left half has been unable to move, the left leg was also fixed. A good way to work by this Henghuo is worried, however, surgery problems but let them do one family — because the driver is unable to bear the cost of the operation of the vehicle insurance claims and Mr. Weng family prior to advance the cost of the operation, now, they are unable to bear, do not know how to do. Is this a work-related injury? Lawyer: the accident on the way to work is also a work-related injury, then, Mr. Weng’s operating costs and postoperative recovery treatment costs in the end who should bear it? The reporter consulted the Fujian Guofu Lawyer Wei Bao Wei lawyer, lawyers said, in addition to outside Mr. Weng can ask the traffic police department coordination of insurance company to advance the operation cost, the employer shall bear some liability. Wei lawyer said that if workers are injured in traffic accident on the way to work, and not his own main responsibility, according to the law as work-related injuries. The employer shall within 30 days, to the city people club Bureau for related injuries; if the employer did not apply for, workers can own in one year after the accident, to the city people club Bureau for related injuries, and enjoy treatment of inductrial injury insurance. We can not help but see Mr. Weng ‘s misfortune, in case he encountered a similar thing, in the end how to calculate the injury? How to identify work-related injuries? How long will it take? Down down down a little more "NEWS" can be identified as work-related injuries cases have? According to inductrial injury regulations of China’s industrial injury insurance: employees in any of the following circumstances, should be recognized as work-related injuries: (1) during working hours and workplace, due to work by reason of the accidents; (2) work around the time in the workplace, engage in work related or preparatory work by the end of injury; (3) in the workplace during the working time, due to the violence of the accident to perform job duties; (4) suffering from occupation disease; (5) work out during the work injury or accident missing; (6) on the way to work, he is not the main responsibility of the traffic accident or the city rail transit, passenger ferry, train;相关的主题文章:

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