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A hospital in Hunan led the drinking 9 people were punished – Sohu news Hunan Provincial Commission for discipline inspection official WeChat ‘four winds’ report received PTT users to report, reflect the Yueyang Convalescent Hospital leaders use inspection of the machine big problem to eat and drink and get drunk. Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to the Yueyang Municipal Commission for discipline inspection carried out, the results of the investigation announced as follows. Yueyang City Commission for Discipline Inspection reply investigation investigation, March 2, 2016, will be decided by the rehabilitation hospital, led by Vice President Yin Haoran rehabilitation hospital party secretary, union chairman Zhu Shusheng, director of the office of Li Xuan (female), chief of finance Xu Dizhen (female), two Deputy Chief Logistics chief Yang Zhou, Liu Wei, Wang Fang (director of medical department female), six head nurse Wang Liping (female) line of 8 people, went to Chenzhou city psychiatric hospital performance appraisal experience learning. Investigation group on March 2nd (Tuesday) inspected the Chenzhou psychiatric hospital. March 3rd morning, the investigation team did not arrange official activities, at 9 am Hao Ran alone to visit living in the Chenzhou high tech Zone nephew Yin Yin, Yin somewhere to eat Chinese food and drink. Zhu Shusheng and other 7 people went to the Chenzhou City Park in Suxian Ling (ticket fees paid by individuals). At 13 PM to 15 pm, the investigation group in Chenzhou high speed rail station waiting for the return period, Yin Haoran cause nausea and vomiting and take pictures of others. In summary, report Yin Haoran vice president rehabilitation hospital party secretary in March 3rd, reflecting the weekday lunch drinking, and drinking due to vomiting phenomenon the problem is true. In addition, Zhu Shusheng, chairman of the municipal hospital rehabilitation Union and other 7 people by the official investigation of the machine to visit tourist attractions. To verify the situation of Yueyang Convalescent Hospital branch secretary, vice president Yin Haoran has weekday lunch drinking problem, resulting in adverse social impact, constitute discipline. According to the "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations" article 128th of the Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the "Interim Provisions" on further strict work discipline and improve the work style of the provisions of article fourth, Yin give Hao Ran party warning. Yueyang Convalescent Hospital union chairman Zhu Shusheng, director of the office of Li Xuan, chief of finance Xu Dizhen, deputy chief of the medical section, logistics section chief Yang Zhou Liu Wei, two, director Wang Fang, six head nurse Wang Liping a total of 7 people by official inspection of the machine to visit the attractions of the problem, in violation of the "party and government organs domestic official Hospitality Management Regulations" (No. [2013]22) the provisions of article fifth. In view of the above 7 people then assume their respective ticket fees, the Yueyang Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of Zhu Shusheng, Li Xuan, Xu Dizhen, Liu Wei, Wang Fang, Yang Zhou, Wang Liping 7 people were admonishing conversation. Yueyang Convalescent Hospital official inspection system is not perfect, are not implemented, the implementation of clean government two responsibility "inadequate, so that the typical problems occurred more than eight Central provisions violate the spirit of this city, Ceng Jianguo rehabilitation hospital leaders bear the main responsibility. Yueyang Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of the city’s rehabilitation hospital president Ceng Jianguo criticized and ordered to make a written review.相关的主题文章:

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