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A De Angou exposed the country to reach an agreement Milan 15 million euro put national security is likely to bring A De to the Chinese sina sports news Beijing on February 11th news, Italy media had exposed abroad an will lock eyes in the signing of Milan striker Adriano who, now the two sides are close to agreement, Adriano is expected to put on the national jersey. Related reading: Feng Lock Adriano was quoted for exposure Guoan 10 million euro Italy rejected "the market" said Guo had a bid for Adriano at euro 10 million, but was turned down by Milan, then Yulinjun to offer second times the price rose to 11 million euros, but it still has the gap from Milan’s psychological expectations. But the difference is not difficult to answer, it is reported that the Rossoneri want to get back the transfer fee of 15 million euros in A De, two bid Guoan is only 4 million, and "the market", and Milan Guoan has even reached a basic agreement, after all, A De has been very difficult to find their own position in Milan. The more important point, Milan last summer to the price of 8 million euros to buy A De, they signed a until 2020, the total value of up to 27 million euros contract, but due to the acquisition of partners in Thailand and Milan ran aground, the situation into a shortage of funds, they desire to recover funds on A De. At present, national security has been the introduction of Augosto, Ralf and Crimee Mainz, the axis formed basically completed, they only a strong center to join. (Sven dies)

曝国安购阿德基本达协议 米兰收1500万欧放人 国安很可能将阿德带到中国   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月11日消息,意大利媒体此前曝出国安将引援目光锁定在米兰前锋阿德里亚诺身上,如今双方接近达成一致,阿德里亚诺有望披上国安球衣。   相关阅读:曝国安寻锋锁阿德里亚诺 曾报价1000万欧遭拒   意大利《全市场》透露,国安曾对阿德里亚诺报价1000万欧元,但是被米兰拒绝,随后御林军进行了第二次报价,此次的价码上升到1100万欧元,不过这仍然距离米兰的心理预期有所差距。   不过双方的差额并非难以抹平,据悉红黑军团希望在阿德身上拿回1500万欧元的转会费,国安的二次报价仅差400万,而且《全市场》认为,国安甚至已经和米兰基本达成转会协议,毕竟阿德已经很难在米兰找到自己的位置。   更为重要的一点,去年夏天米兰以800万欧元的价格将阿德买下,他们签订了一份直到2020年、总价值高达2700万欧元的合同,但由于泰国合作商的收购搁浅,米兰又陷入资金短缺的境地,他们迫切希望在阿德身上回收资金。   目前国安已经引进奥古斯托、拉尔夫以及克里梅茨,中轴线组建基本完成,他们只差一位强力中锋的加盟。   (斯文已逝)相关的主题文章:

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