A close-up of the disaster area in Suichang warm under the flag-adobe gamma

Suichang disaster site features: the warmth under the flag, just the two of us at noon to eat food, eight or nine dishes, more than at home, the government is really good care." Told reporters, 63 year old Zhu Deren and music. 29, 2 pm, in the county of Suichang Bei Jie Zhen Bei Jie village cultural auditorium on the stage, away from the village of Zhu De and Su Hua Donghuan sitting close to two beds on the chat, chat about the happy, laughed, and behind them, it is a bright five-star red flag, the harmonious picture, by the presence of reporters shot behind. Zhu Deren, 70 years old this year, she and she are Su Village people. In this disaster, their two homes have survived, lucky. In order to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters, 28 at 8 pm, in the local county, town and village cadres and other multi-level organization, Su village are transferred to the 15 kilometers of the Bei Jie Zhen Bei Jie Cun culture hall, with their large forces come together. "When they came out, they were all dressed. In the hall, on the stage floor we arranged, lie down on the bed." Zhu Deren said. 29 early in the morning after getting up, China Donghuan ready to wash my face, "I’m going to wash his hands in water, just like, a comrade said to me with a towel, a towel hair hand, very thoughtful." "At noon, a lot of dishes ah, pork, tofu, Chinese cabbage, peanuts, mustard, radish and bone soup……" In the face of the reporter, the two old man and you have a word I speak of the dishes at noon, and finally added a word of the government is really good care". "The quilt, mattress are new, the government issued the morning, also received a parcel, haven’t seen open." On the spot, Hua Donghuan opened the black lady bag, there are mats, blankets, clothes, small Fanpen and so on dozens of necessities. "Everything is so much better than we are." Hua Donghuan said. At the scene, the reporter noted, half an hour ago, the villagers can only be sleeping, after half an hour and then come back, the stage has been propped up dozens of beds. The villagers sitting in bed or chatting, or playing mobile phone, orderly.相关的主题文章:

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