A Beijing Court judicial auction turnover broken 600 million eleven double two years also promotion jinshen

A Beijing Court judicial auction turnover broken 600 million eleven double two years also sell some auction items to real estate, cars, small satchel, mobile phone, with the judicial network subject is rich, also attracted more and more public concern. Yesterday, the Beijing municipal hospital for the past three years, the hospital has been informed of the situation of justice network. According to statistics, as of the end of October this year, the racquet amounted to 6 million yuan. One Dior bag, in starting to 300 yuan, the final transaction price of 8446 yuan, a premium rate of 2715.33%, the hospital became the racquet the highest premium rate of the subject matter, and in the auction of a iPhone, the number of spectators reached 6.1 million people. Judicial network total turnover broken 600 million according to court bulletin, since March 2015 to start the first judicial network, as of October 31st this year, the number of cases in the hospital through the judicial racquet to dispose of the property for 97, online auction 119 times, a total of 96 pieces of the auction subject matter, 67 turnover, turnover amounted to 617 million yuan, the turnover rate is 69.8%, the average premium rate of 35.43%, saving more than 308 yuan for the Commission, the average auction number of spectators reached 8092 people. Real estate auction average 10 days, the average real estate auction time of 35 days. The court said that the traditional auction auction online auction form, the average real estate auction time savings 25 days, the average real estate auction time savings of up to 35 days. Jade jewelry bag of the highest premium rate three in the hospital said that the number of cases in this hospital in 2015 to dispose of property for 40, turnover of 2204 yuan. But with the implementation of efforts to increase, as of October 2016, transferred to the disposal of the property to 57 the number of cases, turnover amounted to 5.9 million yuan, about 27 times in 2015, involving residential, factories, commercial housing, construction land use rights, equity, basically covers most of the assets in. According to the statistics, jewelry, jade, purses and other household goods auction turnover rate of 87.5%, was once the auction, the average premium rate is 972.27%; the average auction registration 53, bid 290 times, turnover rate and premium rate were the highest, and the most competitive bidding. The racquet borrow "double eleven" promotion in the "double eleven" is approaching, the Third Hospital of combination of business, planning to launch the "double eleven" judicial racquet auction. Finally the premium auction rate reached 108%, turnover rate of 63%, total turnover of 102 thousand yuan, the number of spectators reached nearly 40 thousand people, a total savings of more than 5000 yuan commission. On the other hand, in order to solve the problem of limited target audience, the three hospitals also took the lead in the city’s courts and banks to establish a network of real estate mortgage loans working mechanism. For non mortgage real estate, the design of the first transfer of mortgage loans after the process, for the mortgage property, the implementation of the first transfer of mortgage loans after the flow. The most auction auction up to 337 people in May 26, 2015, the auction iPhone5 mobile phone in the 1, the participants signed up to participate in the auction, bid for the 153 time, the final turnover of $2504 to 337. The most intense auction 156 thousand yuan in August 26, 2016, auction and Tian Yuyu相关的主题文章:

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