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90 girl admitted to tutor Lu Yu Le Jia set scores seckill Sina entertainment news on Friday, Beijing satellite TV, "I am a speaker" second stage "with the title of the third season war ushered in the ending of the war, the final three contestants won the six final qualifying tournament to compete for promotion places, become the owner of the seats. The show is brilliant, the war continued, the three group of players from the theme of "nostalgia" and "Internet plus" and "Idol" of the story of ups and downs, your heart, is the scene situation, or make people laugh, or provoke people to tears. 90 girl admitted to tutor Lu Yu Le Jia set score seckill [micro-blog] speech in the "Internet plus" theme, 90 girl real scene Qi in the interactive link network language exam questions mentor, as moderator Chen Ming said it was "a good topic of the age." The change in the age of sleep wake Lu Yu after the use of the network in terms of proficiency in the use of actually spike Le Jia. "Su" and "wonderful change many sister can not beat her," Su is numb, even the creeps "," wonderful change many sister is he is so charming, I was completely conquered his answer as a "mindful walking in the forefront of fashion 90. Le Jia was embarrassed opposite mentor attitude, saying "know the truth of the masses in the end what to eat eat melon melon?" Attracted to the scene laughing, Lu Yu patiently explain the means to watch the crowd. The "I", Le Jia’s answer is ironic, because the spicy teacher answer is "I very bold." Taiwan artist tells the story of 40 years to return to road abuse activists for left-behind children sound from the island of Taiwan artist Lang Zuyun tells his father and grandmother parting between 40 years finally reunion for the audience in the "nostalgia" theme of the speech in the story. The twists and turns and bizarre as the film plot. When told that their father and grandmother in 40 years after the first met, burst into tears when the audience were all moved. The same group of opponents of child abuse activist Chen Lan’s speech to thousands of China earth left-behind children sound, these left-behind children childhood lack of companionship and care of their parents, this unaccompanied his life and even lead to disappointment, they cannot have a sound personality from the on the road of illegal crime. Eventually Chen Lan in the voting process to win the opportunity to qualify for qualifying seats. 90 girl using the Internet to do public business English teacher did not forget the early heart show second groups of players real Qi and Dong Zhongli with speech entitled "Internet plus". The 90 girl real Qi with its youthful appearance and youthful majestic performance won applause, in a speech she took the people to know the positive impact of the Internet on people’s lives. Not only that, she also from their own use of the Internet in the form of a large number of volunteers for the Hoh Xil animal sanctuary. Another player Dong Zhongli is an English teacher, in his speech he tells his story from the early Internet business, quick, regardless of the pros and cons to finally regain heart make APP become the industry leader, the chance of turning for a Thanksgiving message to the poor mountain children. Ha)相关的主题文章:

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