9 this love not love mother 9 anniversary celebration of thanksgiving of all children-vy canis majoris

9 this love not love mother 9 anniversary celebration of Thanksgiving’s full autumn wind Xi, this means that in the harvest season, "a member of the invitation system" high-end private childcare quality platform — love mother network with mothers over ninth years. Love and support, to thank the mother members over the years to September 25th, love mother network 9 anniversary celebration of Thanksgiving sail in the Olympic Forest Park Xi adorable children’s club, nearly 300 groups of family members accompany love mother had a happy birthday PARTY. As everyone knows, by promoting the comprehensive two-child policy and new age parents consumption upgrading, maternal market will enjoy the dividend policy, therefore, the main domestic Internet products such as maternal and child market began a frenzied growth, bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the increasingly intense competition in the industry, especially maternal and child products is also facing problems of homogeneity. And love the mother of serious market in homogeneous, always keep the beginning of the heart, focus on the "membership invitation" high-end private childcare quality platform, with strict membership verification system, is committed to high quality, high grade, high quality of life of the mother population, to create exclusive "cloud secret garden". Build the quality of parenting style. This is a differentiated business strategy, so that the loss of love mom users in terms of average spending power and user stickiness has been a leading peer. 9 years, has been developing steadily in the increasingly competitive market, to win a place. It can be said that each member of the family are growing, never abandon love mother every step of strong support and strong backing, it is with their company to grow and adhere to the mother’s love today. To this end, "9, love is not" is the interpretation of the original intention of the celebration, you did not go, I am still grateful for each into the love lost friends. Therefore, in order to thank every member of the family for 9 years never abandon love, mother took great pains in the choice of the field. "Adorable children Creek outdoor park not only beautiful scenery, but also come from Britain’s large outdoor recreation combination, crawl, slide and other world’s top outdoor facilities, adults and children can find a point of interest, each member of the family can live happy, share happiness, spent a memorable parent-child time: dream round bar," challenge and adorable baby to expand the foot with low, "love little warrior" through the jungle, challenge innocence circular super task combination and so on. Each small interactive games so that every family challenge played awfully; colorful 9 anniversary birthday’s party, the small forest stage children, interactive and interesting performances, there are a variety of delicious food, let the scene into a hi in nature, and of course, lucky draw laps; also surprised Every family is happy again and again, winning the prize to get soft. In addition to the game of joy, the scene is constantly surprises, love mother announced APP for the new product upgrades, launched the "special business" section, for every love mother tailored one-stop enjoy preferential convenient consumer experience, including 1000+ quality businesses, relates to health care, maternity care, beauty, life, entertainment, education and training, family vacation, insurance and financial eight collar!相关的主题文章:

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