9 into the net loan platform stuck financial regulatory approval the top 30 only 16 a license douke

9 into the net loan platform net loan platform gridlocks financial regulatory approval the top 30 only 16 currently holds a license ICP license is less than 10%, in the "Interim Measures" issued, for the license key is difficult in the financial supervision department approval "of" investor "reporter Wang Yu" borrowing information network the intermediary business management procedures "(hereinafter referred to as" Interim Measures ") promulgated, so that the original was ignored by many net loan platform ICP license has become" xiangbobo". ICP operating license, in simple terms, is the telecommunications business license. "Interim Measures" clearly stipulates, "information network lending intermediary agencies shall apply for telecommunications business license in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant departments in charge of communications; failing to apply for telecommunications business license, shall not carry out the intermediary business credit information network." According to the investor news reporter, because there had been no mandatory requirements, in addition, the application of this card is too complex and cumbersome materials, many net loan platform are not handled ICP business license. Net loan home data show that net loan platform business card holder is less than 10%. In this regard, the Federal Reserve believes that the interim measures did not mention the net loan industry license management, and ICP operating license or will play the invisible license". Has obtained a certificate of the platform relevant responsible person told the reporter, and spent nearly a year, the materials prepared a lot, but also many times and financial supervision departments dealing. "There is a mandatory regulation of the financial sector there are more difficult." The 90% platform is not "licensing" it is understood that the current net loan institutions to apply for ICP license has not been clear qualification requirements and procedures, most platforms have been on ICP for the record. However, although the ICP filing and ICP operating license, are two types of management standards for non-profit and for-profit Internet information services. However, the net lending institutions is matchmaking based trading platform, to provide information services for the financing of both charge and the business information service platform, is typical, therefore, ICP license will not take ". The net loan platform as a business website, such as no ICP card ("value-added telecommunications business license"), there is the Telecommunications Authority to make corrections, confiscate the illegal income, impose a fine of up to 5 times the illegal income or a maximum fine of 1 million yuan (no illegal income situation), or suspend business for rectification, etc. legal risk." The mandatory provisions of a number of platforms immediately silly eye. According to the net loan home to the latest report, as of the end of August 2016, the number of normal operating platform for 2235, of which about 222 platform has a valid ICP operating license, accounting for the total number of net loan industry operation platform 9.93%, and now the 90% platform in the unlicensed state. Investor news reporter, according to a comprehensive display of the impact of the net loan home ranked first 30 net loan platform to check one by one, the ICP has a record of the 30 platforms, but only 16 have been made by ICP.相关的主题文章:

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