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After 80 men in 5 days two times lit their own houses, 5 floor of the residents of all the windows have been burned deformation. Ganjingzi District auspicious street 53 Building 5 Building 1, the family residents, 5 days inside the house with two times, and arson is actually living in the house of the old tenants, a man born after 80. 10 morning, the second time after the house was ignited, the police were sent to the hospital for psychiatric examination. Men arson in their own house two times, 6 days around 18, auspicious street 53 Building 5, 1 residents burned a fire, many fire engines involved in the fire, and eventually successfully extinguished. What is unexpected is that the fire maker is an old man in the house, a man born in the 1980s. Subsequently, he was taken away by the police investigation. 10, 10, the man once again lit the home, and then, the men were taken away by the police. 5 days to ignite their home two times, incredible. Yesterday, the reporter came to visit the building. Downstairs, you can see that all the windows of the 5 floor residents have been burned and deformed,. The reporter knocked on the 4 floor, No. 1, residents of the door of the house, the two old people’s bitterness, "you see me home flooded, become shuiliandong." The more than 80 year old woman said she had lost her family because of spraying fire. Reporters saw two bedrooms and living room walls have been flooded traces, bed bedding also wet. Have been sent to the hospital for mental examination, "before" from the 5 floor to the downstairs throwing pots, bottles, debris, fortunately, did not hit people. It was the first time to put home. His house was basically burned out." One resident said. "It’s too insecure. It’s like a time bomb." Red flag street auspicious community secretary told reporters, this family is old tenants, a year ago, old two moved out to live. "He was born in 1980, unemployed, and neighbors said he liked to drink. The public security organs and their families sent him to the national psychiatric hospital in great Blackstone for psychiatric examination." At present, the relevant situation is still under investigation. Peninsula morning news network reporter Wang Wenjing Ventura, Haili lawyers said the man suspected of arson behavior of Dalian new century law firm lawyers said: the man Mou fly behavior has caused damage to the neighbor’s property, has harmed the public security, suspected of arson. If his spirit is not a problem, purely emotional state of mind, it can not be exempted from the corresponding punishment; if there is mental illness, we should look at the mental state of the incident at that time, depending on the situation, to confirm whether or not to bear legal responsibility. Neighbor loss, how to compensate? No matter whether the fire maker is mentally ill or not, whether or not he or she needs to bear criminal responsibility, as long as the victim is injured, the victim can claim compensation to the arson party. The loss of the neighbors can be settled by peaceful negotiation with the young man or his guardian, and civil proceedings may be instituted according to law, which will be decided by the court.

80后男子5天内两次点燃自家房子 5楼居民家的所有窗户均已被烧变形。   甘井子区吉祥街53号楼5楼1号这户居民家,5天之内房子着了两次,而纵火者竟然是居住在房子里的老住户,一名80后男子。 10日上午,男子第二次点燃房子后,被警方送往医院进行精神方面的检查。   男子在自家屋内纵火两次   6日18时左右,吉祥街53号楼5楼1号居民家燃起熊熊大火,多辆消防车参与灭火,最终成功扑灭。令人意想不到的是,纵火者竟是房子中的老住户,一名80后男子。随后,他被警方带走调查。 10日10时,这名男子再次把家里点燃,随后,男子又被警方带走。   5天内把自己家点燃两次,让人匪夷所思。昨日,记者来到该楼进行走访。在楼下可以看到,5楼居民家的所有窗户均已被烧变形,。记者敲开了4楼1号居民家的门,两位老人一肚子的苦水,“你看给我家淹的,成水帘洞了。 ”80多岁老太说,因为喷水救火,她家损失惨重。记者看到两间卧室和客厅的墙壁都有被水淹过的痕迹,床上的被褥也湿了。   已被送往医院进行精神方面的检查   “之前还从5楼往楼下扔花盆、酒瓶、杂物,幸运的是都没砸到人。这次把家点着了倒是第一次。他家里基本都被烧空了。”一名居民说。“太没有安全感了,就像一个定时炸弹似的。”红旗街道吉祥社区书记告诉记者,这户人家是老住户,一年以前老两口搬出去居住。“他是1980年生人,无业,邻居说他喜欢喝酒。公安机关和家属把他送到大黑石的国礼医院,进行精神方面的检查。 ”目前,相关情况还在进一步调查中。   半岛晨报、海力网记者王雯晶文 图   律师说法   男子行为涉嫌放火罪   大连新世纪律师事务所牟飞律师认为:该男子行为已经对邻居的财产造成了损害,已经危害了公共安全,涉嫌放火罪。如果他的精神没问题,纯属心态情绪问题,则不能免除受到相应的处罚;如果有精神疾病,则要看事发当时他的精神状态,视不同情况,确认是否需要承担法律责任。   邻居损失,如何赔偿?   无论放火者是否患精神病,无论是否需要承担刑事责任,只要对被害人造成伤害,那么受害者一方都可以向放火一方要求赔偿损失。邻居们的损失,可以和该年轻男子或者其监护人和平协商解决,也可以依法提起民事诉讼,通过法院进行判决。相关的主题文章:

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