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7 year old girl from 20 floor to 10 floor rooftop died – Beijing yesterday at 11:30 PM, Haikou City, south peace peace city plaza accident occurred falls incident, a 7 year old girl from the 20 floor of the house fell to the 10 floor and the roof, was killed on the spot. According to the informed building owners said the girls’ mother go out the trash, and came back to find the door locked somehow, until the master lock opens the door, the mother found that girls from home fall dead. Reporters learned that the scene of the incident, the building is mostly occupied by tenants, almost all tenants in the balcony and windows are not installed protective net. Currently, the Haikou police have initially identified accident. Reporter Chang Kevin figure A: building security protection net is not installed in the home girls lead to tragedy B Insider: the only siblings at home, mother went out the trash was locked the door 12 pm yesterday, reporters rushed to the scene, a lot of people are a lot of people killed in There were many discussions., sighing for girls’ accident. There is a middle-aged woman squatting on the ground crying, after understanding the girl’s mother is dead. Due to excessive grief, the woman did not tell anyone about the accident occurred and the reasons. Reporters at the scene of the interview, the peace City Plaza building, a security guard, said the girl’s home windows and balconies are no protective net. The security said that the tenants of the building more, the landlord does not generally have a protective network, the majority of tenants will not be installed, because they do not know how long will live here, do not feel the need to spend money to install. The girl did not install protective nets, resulting in a tragedy. Reporter inquiry found that in 2007, the building had the same tragedy, a 2 year old girl to watch the lion dance downstairs on the 7 floor home when the unfortunate fall dead. Peace city plaza, a reluctant to disclose the name of the owner told reporters that the incident before the girl’s mother to go out garbage, leaving 7 year old daughter and son at home to play at the age of 3. The owner said, the girls’ mother rubbish return, somehow found the door locked, but had to call the lock master lock the door. When the door opened, the girls’ mother entered the room only to find that home only son in the play, 7 year old daughter, have never been heard of since. After some searching, the girl’s body was found in the roof of the 10 floor. After the incident, Haikou Meilan Municipal Public Security Bureau police brigade rushed to the scene investigation. The investigation, has initially determined that the Department of the accident. Warm reminder don’t let the children out of your sight for this unfortunate incident occurred yesterday, has many years of experience in early childhood education in a kindergarten in Haikou Liyuan long said, in the children’s safety, home balcony and windows are the parents of the most neglected part of the large gap, the balcony railing is easy to let the children from the middle of the drill no, not in place of the door or door window is too easy for children to open the window and fell. Young children like to climb, parents do not remember in the windows and balconies stacked debris or placed chairs, wooden cabinets, etc.. This newspaper to remind the general public, regardless of whether the installation of protective nets at home.相关的主题文章:

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