Canada Translation Historical And Cultural Particularities Create A Special Case-姉summer

Business Nevertheless, we would re.mend you to look for professional translators Toronto on the web, because it is the most populous city in Canada and this is where you may have the greatest range of choice. In order to help you make the right choice, lets go through the history and cultural background of this magnificent country. Canada has two official languages, English and French, but in the 2001 census 18% of the population reported having a mother tongue other than one of the official languages. Chinese is the third most .mon mother tongue. Over 25 million people speak Canadian English as a first or second language. Most of the Canadians who speak French live in the province of Quebec although 40% of the population of the province of New Brunswick is also francophone. Some words used in the Canadian English may differ from the vocabulary used in the English, spoken in other parts of the world because of different connotations. Some words are peculiar to Canada even if the majority of the words are .mon to all English speakers. The spelling of Canadian English is a mixture of American, British and unique Canadianisms. Overall, the Canadian vocabulary is quite similar to American English but with some differences and local variations. In general, there are no grammatical features that are distinctly Canadian but there are some differences between American English and British English and because Canadians are influenced by both of them, Canadian English is a mixture of both features. Generally speaking, there are some differences in Canadian and American pronunciation even if they are overall quite similar. Canadian pronunciation is almost identical to American pronunciation, especially in Ontario. But there is a strong Scottish influence in Nova Scotia. The pronunciation of people living near, or working with French-Canadians, is greatly influenced by French and the island of Newfoundland has its own distinctive English dialect. Furthermore, Canadian English includes words borrowed from other languages which do not appear in other varieties of English. For example, the country’s name .es from the Iroquoian word Kanata meaning .munity. Most of these words refer to features in the flora, fauna, geography and topography because the native Aboriginal peoples, the British and French settlers, more recent arrivals and occupations in the different regions have all contributed to making Canadian English unique. The main difference between Canadian English and that of the United States and Britain is the spelling. Canadian spelling .bines British and American rules. However the rules for Canadian spelling are not clearly defined as there are some regional variations and differences of opinion exist among editors. The official Canadian spelling is that used in the Hansard transcripts of the Parliament of Canada but the government style guide says that editors should consult the Gage Canadian Dictionary and go with the word used first. So when you are looking for Canadian translation .panies, make sure that you choose a professional translation .pany be it translation Vancouver or Toronto translation service providers which have highly trained translators and linguistic experts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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