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Home-Improvement The ice is melting, literally! With drastic rise in pollution level the life expectancy of our lovely planet has decreased radically. By adapting home solar powered devices, we not only save our earned money, but also do our bit for saving the planet. Many people believe that home solar power systems are eventually going to replace fossil-fuel based energy sources as they are economical as well as non-polluting. The number of households investing in home solar power equipments is increasing greatly. Unlike before when the materials necessary to start collecting the sun’s energy were quite expensive, now there are a number of ways and means in which even ordinary households can create their own home solar panels and start harnessing the power from the sun. You can use solar power in a number of ways. The simplest way is to use mirrors to collect the heat from the sun and focus it somehow to provide heating for water. This is the fundamental theory used in solar water heaters. Most .mon of all home solar devices is Photovoltaic Cell. Their purpose is to convert light into electricity. When light strikes the solar panel, some of it is absorbed into the semi conductor layer made of silicon. This energy knocks electrons loose from the surface of the semiconductor, allowing them to flow freely and generate electrical current. The conversion rate of each cell is somewhat limited when measured in total wattage output. Each cell produces an amount of electricity equivalent to 1 to 2 Watts. Therefore a very large number of solar cells are needed to be integrated into each solar panel. The electricity produced by these solar panels is stored in batteries, to be used as and when required. The output is in the form of DC (Direct Current), hence DC powered appliances are required to use the electricity produced by solar panels. However, if you want to operate any AC (Alternate Current) powered device you can attach an inverter to the storage battery to convert DC to AC. With solar power devices, as long as the right materials are present and the place is reached by the sun, the electricity will not be a problem. More and more people are going green, are you part of the revolution? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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