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Home-Securtiy Most burglaries occur when a home is empty. This is why it is of most importance to secure your home before vacation. A burglary occurs every 15.4 seconds according to the FBI database. A large number of burglaries can be prevented by installing a home security system. Installing a home security alarm and surveillance cameras will immediately make your home a safer place for your family and property. Home security alarms are also offered with home security monitoring. Nothing can .pletely guarantee the security of your home, but there are things you can do which will greatly enhance security. The most cost effective technique is to add motion sensing lighting all around the outside of your home. Many steps can also be taken inside the house to improve security. Go over all the locks on windows and doors and make sure that they work properly. Anyone can find themselves the target of burglars, so don’t think that it will never happen to you. Patio sliding doors offer the opportunistic burglar just what he is looking for easy access. To make your sliding door more secure consider installing a blocking device such as a "Charlie bar" or some other type of track blocker to prevent the door from sliding open. At the very least you should block the track with a steel rod or wooden dowel to prevent any movement. If you have a home safe make sure you use it to protect your most valuable items and keys that are used to protect your home and its contents. Personal and financial documents should also be kept in the safe as well. Anyone without a home safe can get even better protection by using a safe deposit box at the bank. The easiest way to prevent a burglar from choosing your house as his target is to make it look like someone is at home. It is easy, inexpensive and effective to use timers to turn lights and appliances off and on at random times of the day. Make sure you spread the effect over several rooms of the house. There are other precautions you can take, such as stopping delivery of the mail and the newspaper. If you have two cars, park one in the driveway; you can also ask a neighbor to park there during your absence. Find a trusted neighbor or relative, give him a key, and have him check on the house while you’re gone. And don’t leave an away message announcing your absence to the world. Homeowners are never one hundred percent safe when it .es to home intrusions etc. One important measure that can be taken to reduce the probability of a burglary is to make sure any tools that could assist with home intrusion are put away safely, and any outbuildings are locked and secured to prevent access. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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