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Automobiles Building on his work with the Conrad Foundation and the Gay Straight Alliance Network (GSA Network) to make public schools better and safer, San Francisco interior designer Ian Stallings found new sources of inspiration at Global Green’s 7th Annual Gorgeous and Green Gala last week, and is sharing some of tips he learned at the event. "Like everyone else, I tend to get caught up in the minutiae of my daily life and sometimes forget the importance of our environment," said Stallings. "I do the basic things, like .posting, recycling and using public transportation as much as possible-but there are so many things I can do within my business to help the planet. Attending the Global Green event inspired me to to those values." The event facilitated connections between Stallings and various builders and manufacturers who supply the materials that he and his contractors can use for projects. Stallings believes there are many ways to incorporate green products into his designs and still keep them glamorous, fun, .fortable-or any other ambiance desired. Some of the tips the San Francisco interior decorator and designer learned from Global Green that he is applying to new designs include: Using and supporting furniture .panies that use lumber from forests that have been certified as responsibly managed via "selection cutting." Recycling jobsite waste, since approximately 30% of the solid waste in landfills is construction and demolition debris. "It’s more and more expensive to dump in landfills, and those costs aren’t .ing down," said Stallings. "This is making jobsite recycling an important area of focus for builders looking to cut costs." Incorporating LED lighting into living and work spaces. "Recessed LED lights by Permlight draw 33% less electricity than .pact fluorescents," said Stallings. "The materials used to make LED bulbs are also easier on the environment." Architecting for radiant heating systems. "Radiant heating is cost effective, provides more consistent heat than forced air systems, and doesn’t blow dust all around the house-so it is better for those with allergies," said Stallings. "To be really green, a solar water heating collector on the roof can be attached to radiant heat tubes snaked through the floors in order to both warm the home’s interior and provide hot water to the structure." As an activist for schools working the Gay-Straight Alliance Network and the Conrad Foundation, Stallings was excited when Global Green announced the winner of its National Green School Makeover .petition presented by Pureology at the event. The Texas School for the Deaf, based in Austin, will be receiving a makeover valued at $130,000. According to the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), America’s K-12 schools spend more than $6 billion annually on energy, which is more than they spend on .puters and textbooks .bined. The EPA also says that as much as 30 percent of a district’s total energy is used inefficiently or unnecessarily. "In addition to making schools more energy efficient and self-reliant, classrooms would benefit from better ventilation systems," said Stallings. "Teachers shouldn’t have to shout over clunky air conditioning and heaters." Ian Stallings is a San Francisco interior designer who specializes in a full range of interior architecture and interior decorating services. In each project, Stallings treats the client as the muse and the home as the canvas. Stallings’ work is based on a .plete understanding of each client’s needs, a love of the craft, a wide knowledge of the history of architecture and interior decoration, and a profound .mitment to environmental issues. In general speaking, 12V LED has be.e more and more affordable, therefore auto LED bulbs have been used widely. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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