Home home maintenance on the roof rafters saw Yiwu man sawed off thumb-pp点点通2006

Home home maintenance on the roof rafters saw Yiwu man saw the thumb is "broken" fast, "doctor, my husband’s hands hurt." 11 9 April morning 10, Yiwu Chouzhou hospital emergency department, a 50 year-old woman leaning on her husband, eager to ask a doctor for help. The man left face pain, the doctor badly mutilated, injuries to him at once. It is reported that the injured man Wang Mou is a native of Yiwu. "In the past few days, our family was repairing the old house, and we were going to ask for help, but in order to save money, my husband did it himself." Wang’s wife Ms. Zhang said, her husband is a hard-working person, my home something bad, he is the fix that you. Although the old house maintenance is not like the new house, it is time-consuming and laborious, but it is not an easy thing. Because the existing or past brick structure, age, and the wind blowing rain, breaking the roof rafters rotten part." According to Ms. Zhang, 8 in the morning, Wang holding a mini chainsaw, stepping on the ladder to the roof, opened the tiles, cutting rafters fracture, she handed him the material below, Wang Mou suddenly "Oh" sound, his hands were cut. See the hand of her husband badly mutilated her tight, unplug the power, the husband saved, and promptly call the neighbors drove her husband to Chouzhou hospital. Patients with incised wound and open fracture of thumb." Medical staff said that the doctor did debridement treatment for Wang, and now he was admitted to hospital for further treatment. "This is my careless blame." Mr. Wang said that although the electric saw came quickly, but it was not easy to control, especially the high-altitude operation, the stability is poor, if it was saw by hand, it would not happen.

家里旧房维修上房顶锯椽子 义乌男子拇指被锯“断”“医生,快,我老公的手受伤了。”11月9日上 午10时多,义乌稠州医急诊外科,一名50岁左右的女子扶着丈夫,急切地向医生求助。男子左手血肉模糊,面容痛苦,医生马上给他检查受伤部位。据悉,受伤的男子汪某是义乌本地人。“这几天,我们家里在修理老房子,本来要请人帮忙,但为了节省开支,我老公就自己动手改造。”汪某的妻子张女士说,丈夫是个勤劳人,闲不住,家里的东西坏了,都是他这修修那补补。“旧房维修虽然不像盖新房那么费时费力,但也不是件容易的事。因为旧房还是过去那种砖瓦结构,年代已久,加上风吹雨洒,房顶上部分椽子腐朽断裂。”据张女士介绍,当日上午8时多,汪某拿着微型电锯,踩着梯子,上到屋顶,揭开瓦片,切割断裂的椽子,她则在下面为他递物料,突然汪某“哎呀”一声,他的手被电锯切伤。看到丈夫的手血肉模糊,她紧拔掉电源,将丈夫救了下来,并及时呼叫邻居开车将丈夫送到稠州医院。“患者切割伤,拇指开放性骨折。”医护人员说,医生为汪某做了清创处理后,现已收治入院准备做进一步的治疗。“这都是我麻痹大意惹的祸。”汪先生说,电锯虽然来得快,但不便掌控,尤其是高空作业,稳定性较差,如果当时用手工锯子就不会发生这样的事。相关的主题文章:

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