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It’s really a big event to let the children sit on the toilet! – the mother and child of the Sohu will be spontaneous urination and defecation are often seen as a milestone in the growth of their mothers, but always do not let you naughty treasure. Not easy to learn their own urine, and when you are full of joy to want to train his bowel movement was found, it is difficult! The children’s education center director Wu Yixuan said that children do @, stool in the toilet, it is a life event is down down down down down, will the traditional concept of self not with intelligence in the stool China, always think too early to start self urination and defecation is more clever. In fact, this is a wrong concept, should be regarded as a good habit of the formation of the baby early and late, fully aware of the early and late training and action related. Baby to do it from the conditions of the reflex to the real self-care stage, generally to 2 years old. Then the baby can recognize the need to excrete the feeling, and through language, action or other means to express this feeling. Moreover, the baby also needs to be able to control the movement of the anus and urethra in a short period of time. Finally, the baby should be able to understand and cooperate in the appropriate place to discharge. These are only the child’s physiological development to a certain degree of maturity can be achieved. The training is not difficult to get rid of the diaper, the stool is hard enough! There are many parents, children are willing to sit down the toilet to urinate, but without stool diaper will really let my mother! I do not know how to force, and deep fear caused by the child back, turned into a constipation problem. And this problem, my family also has. So, the twins at the age of 3, and finally in the fall of the first toilet stool life, now only use the jubilation to describe my joy when the mother. In fact, the twin siblings are around the age of 2 have to learn to take the small toilet pee, but sensitive brother stool training has not been successful, would rather not defecate, also want to hold to bedtime diaper to defecation. (you see! Wrap diaper quickly hide stool child ~ posture so much) for children, toilet stool is a major event in life! "Mommy, I was a stool!" Just sit on the toilet for 2-3 minutes brother excitedly down from the toilet on the red, told me he finally succeeded in the toilet stool. Mother asked the child to sit down in the toilet, but he didn’t want to go down. In fact, children were very upset and unsolved after stool, after 3 minutes was big on the floor. (you see! The child sees how the face of his shit is so scared!) for adults, shit is a normal thing. But in any event can be the first time in the eyes of a child, to overcome the fear of the smell of feces color, but also to control their physiology, is indeed a difficult task. Therefore, to be successful and freely on the toilet stool, the child is really a wonderful life. Parents please be patient not impatient, give children more time for toilet toilet training. The toilet stool refused to take the common reasons: one is your son, so try to understand him, the相关的主题文章:

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