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[interview] Yin Xiaoli: improve EQ, let the baby fall in love with kindergarten! Sohu – "maternal and child in kindergarten classes in front of the door, often can hear the 3 year old child piercing cry, walked into the classroom, and to be found in a class, there are several children face some inner calm, excited, curious, and sometimes other comfort crying children……" Why is the admission of new, different children behave so different? This has a close relationship with the child’s ability to recognize and deal with emotions, but at the same time, we are not fully prepared to have a relationship. With the September admission season, many treasure treasure mom dad again worry. Today, Sohu invited Professor of the Institute of psychology of maternal child psychology expert Yin Xiaoli, to share with the parents how to do effective communication with children, let the children release their correct negative emotions, through separation anxiety. Special guest: Yin Xiaoli Yin Xiaoli, associate professor at the Institute of Psychology.CAS and the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center visiting scholars, the concept of academic art EQ founder, also served as academic director of art art seed Eq. Committed to the use of positive psychology knowledge training to enhance the positive psychological quality of children and adolescents. Design and practice of using a special method of psychology let children have a positive and optimistic attitude, let children have strong mental toughness brave, let children have the collaborative team spirit, let children have the wisdom of the spiritual world of love. Temperament is innate, parent-child interaction between the impact of the mode of emotional intelligence development of maternal and child: as a child psychologist, do you think the factors affecting the child’s emotional intelligence? Some people think that EQ is innate and acquired plasticity is lower than that of congenital gene? Is this statement correct? Yin Xiaoli: there is a law in the study of psychology, temperament is innate. Under normal circumstances, the type of temperament can be divided into four kinds of bile, blood, mucus and depression. Temperament is from the inside out, each child from birth is not the same, each child’s temperament, reaction mode, are also different. In the process of parent-child interaction, the formation of a response model, this model of response to all aspects of his (such as personality, emotional intelligence) will have an impact. For example, a relatively quiet child, parents and his interaction model will be more conducive to the formation of his emotional regulation. Congenital love crying child, with his mother’s interaction, but also make the mother also have a reaction to his model requires more patience and effort; he does not listen to his mother, the emotion is not so good, the negative emotion of the mother on the proportion of large. The development of intelligence is probably a peak of puberty, and the emotional intelligence is acquired more than congenital genetic, will continue to change with the interactive mode and enhance. Among them, the family environment must have a vital role. Self motivation is internal motivation, is an interest in stimulating the mother and daughter of Sohu: some people say that the sun, contentment of the child, a higher sense of happiness index, adaptability is also stronger. So, what is the relationship between emotional intelligence and children? Children!相关的主题文章:

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