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Automatic driving technology is difficult to dismiss employees of Apple re planning – Sohu automobile Apple has fired dozens of automatic driving car R & D department staff, to reconsider its set of self driving car strategic planning. Three anonymous sources said that Apple decided to tighten its ambitious ambitious car R & D strategic planning, which has suspended part of the autopilot project, dismissed dozens of employees. The abolition of jobs once again reflects the apple car project encountered difficulties. In the past two years, Apple has invested a lot of resources for the Titan project, but it is difficult to achieve. July, Bob, senior vice president of research and development of MacBook Air notebooks and iPad hardware products, such as (Bob Mansfield) took over the Titan project leader, responsible for the development of automatic driving. Apple is not the only technology company to pursue autopilot. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has been testing its autopilot since 2014, but the technology giant is focused on designing the software and systems needed to drive the car. Tesla’s models equipped with Autopilot technology to provide driver assistance. However, in recent months the technology was exposed several accidents. Ford, GM and FCA, both of the traditional carmakers, have sought to drive their own cars in five years. However, apple and the company on the contrary, we report in car companies and technology companies self driving car development process, apple is tight lipped. Even if Apple CEO Cook said the auto industry is undergoing changes in turn the world upside down, or even earlier this year at the annual meeting as a confirmed car project, but Apple has not acknowledged in cars. Apple employees received notice, dismissal is to restart the car project. But the company spokesman declined to comment. Under the leadership of Mansfield, apple changed its focus of the project, from the design, research and development of electric cars to create autopilot technology. Bloomberg has published an article earlier, reported the strategic change. Do not rely on the traditional internal combustion engine of the electric car more attention to batteries, sensors and software technology. In addition, the autopilot is to change the traditional view of public transport and car ownership. Since two years ago to enter the field of research and development of electric vehicles, the rapid expansion of the apple project from the car, driving away the battery technology, machine vision research and development experts, within 18 months the number of employees has increased to more than 1 thousand people. However, followed with the project strength, R & D personnel problem, it is difficult to explain how Apple automatic driving vehicle research content with other companies. Two years ago, Ford’s former engineer Steven Zadesky joined apple, responsible for the research and development of automatic cars, in January this year due to personal reasons for leaving. His resignation gave Mansfield a chance. The source said that Apple Corp is using a limited number of control paths in the closed environment to test the number of fully automatic driving car. Like other companies, testing techniques are not available to consumers for years. (Editor: Yuan Ye)相关的主题文章:

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