Housing prices in the expansion of the territory of the aircraft carrier financial sector Hengda Wan-beef怎么读�

Housing prices in the carrier expansion of financial layout: Hengda Wanda bank and insurance for core license version Tudaotong carrier housing prices expansion of financial ambitions is different and some seek "silver-colored card" core license preference asset light mutual gold business reporter Xie Shuiwang reported in Shanghai in September 28th, Hengda Group announced, will sell grain, dairy products and mineral water of non main business the sale of reason is "considered to be the company’s strategy, the company can focus more on real estate and other related business." "The next group will form a financial and real estate racing together bridle to bridle pattern." August 30th, vice chairman of the board of directors of Hengda Group, President Xia Haijun said in the interim results conference hengda. In recent years, in addition to Hengda, green, Wanda and other housing prices have the layout of financial services, the establishment of financial group, not only actively seek the bank and insurance core financial license, is also involved in Internet banking, third party payment, financial assets trading center and other services, to create a comprehensive financial group. In contrast, only Vanke shares Merchants Bank P2P platform and Peng Jin, almost not involved in other areas of finance. Some housing prices to build strong financial empire, some tasted stop watching, what is the logic behind? Housing prices create "financial empire" ambition "will be the future of the financial industry (including housing prices) of the standard, but housing prices in the current financial group layout, their positioning are very different, each have a different orientation and consideration. However, housing prices for the annual sales volume below 100 billion, the layout of the financial has not enough." Geng Jing, vice president of Greenland Group, chairman and President of green finance told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter. Geng Jing believes that some of the housing enterprises involved in the financial sector, the main combination of production and financing, mainly for its real estate industry to bring financing convenience, the main indicators of the assessment is the level of financing and financing costs. However, some of the more ambitious housing prices, such as green finance, its positioning is not a corporate finance, not only to provide financing facilities for their own industries, but as a financial company to provide services to the market. Currently, green, Hengda, Wanda and other housing prices have set up a financial group, to varying degrees, the layout of the bank card security and other core financial license. September 20th, Green Finance announced the acquisition of a wholly owned subsidiary of Hongkong securities company should be high assets, access to Hongkong securities license, the establishment of green (Asia) securities. In addition, it also holds 19.9% stake in Hangzhou industrial and commercial trust, as well as a number of agricultural firms and a small number of city firms. But the green is not satisfied with this, Green Finance said that the future will continue to invest through mergers and acquisitions, initiated the establishment of a variety of ways, including insurance, securities, seek bank, the core financial license, has become the core competitiveness in the segments of the comprehensive financial services group. Geng Jing said, "green finance as a financial company, and its profit growth is the core goal, the first half of 2016 profit of more than 1 billion 759 million yuan, the future of the financial sector’s profit target will account for 1/3 of the profits of the green group. Hengda also in the expansion of financial territory not resigned to playing second fiddle. Hengda Group semi annual report on 2016相关的主题文章:

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