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As the crisis situation: Jia Yueting, a dreamer or a liar? Faraday Future, the English name of the factory in North Las Vegas, Nevada, is Faraday Future EV plant, which is not a place on the map. The main road from Las Vegas downtown drove out soon, is a vast desert wasteland and the same dull mountains, a very easy to miss the white signs shows the Faraday Future electric car factory of North Las Vegas. This factory is located in the north of Las Vegas city economic recovery plan, the core area of Apex, next to a white medical marijuana facilities, actually far from the highway can see only the white semicircle type greenhouse. Although the news of the Faraday Future building in Nevada has been reported in the Chinese and foreign media, the car plant, which is a $1 billion project, is also a model for the revitalization of northern Las Vegas. But most of the local people have not heard of the car factory, and even close to the industrial enterprises and military facilities staff rarely heard. Many people listen to the electric car factory, immediately think is 400 miles outside of Tesla’s first Mega plant "Gigafactory 1", the factory is located in the state of Nevada, Dreas Sparks (Sparks), is still in the construction process. FaradayFuture (hereinafter referred to as FF) is a company founded in April 2014, headquartered in California, announced that it is developing electric cars will be down two years later, Tesla product standard. FF has become the strategic partner of LETV car in 2015, LETV announced to invest $1 billion to jointly build LETV super car factory in North america. There are a number of sources, said Jia Yueting has achieved a controlling stake in the company. Music, as previously revealed at the press conference, in January next year, as the strategic partner of FF’s first production of intelligent interactive electric vehicles will be officially released. Automotive News automotive media recently broke the news that, due to the default of the construction contractor Aecom $21 million in September, the project, the contractor issued a letter to Aecom FF, said that if 10 days still not received the money, will shut down. This is considered to be a sign of the Chinese media as a strand of funds strand breaks. According to earlier reports, FF North Las Vegas electric car factory covers an area of 3 million square feet. November 10th, financial reporter on the scene saw the entire plant is divided into three regions into the door of the three. The factory did not stop, but just after noon, only one or two vehicles in the construction work, to see some of the staff in the office building. The factory announced in April this year to start the foundation, but the "financial" reporters saw the whole factory building only two small white buildings and a blue large container, the scene seemed deserted, but the plant is still in operation to maintain. It seems that this is a kind of low cost operation. (LETV in Las Vegas?相关的主题文章:

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