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Xi’an why the game run training in Wuhan? Tired of worrying [information] international exposure of 1 million people to grab 50 thousand tickets in the Syrian war Orangemen and prepare for the twenty-sixth round of the super striker after the end of the national football team in 27 in Wuhan after gathering, prepare for the next two World Cup qualifiers 12 strong Asian games. October 6th will be against Syria in Xi’an home court, why the football training place in Wuhan? According to the national coach Gao Hongbo said, mainly in order to give players decompression, adjust the psychological state of the players. Yangzi Evening News reporter Huang Qiyuan rumor Wuhan training psychological adjustment for Beijing in September 27th five in the afternoon, the Orangemen were the first training session in Wuhan Tazihu Sports Center Training base. National football competition in Xi’an, but will prepare for training in Wuhan, why such a move? Is it because of the turf problem in Xi’an? Intermittent training, the national coach Gao Hongbo accepted an interview with reporters, he made an explanation: choose to train in Wuhan, because it is easy and closed environment. If you get to Xi’an, everyone will be highly focused. Now we have to adjust the players, including physical and mental. After 72 hours of physical function can be restored in 90%, but the psychological is not two or three days will be able to solve, plus we have some more players at the club under pressure, we also focus on recent coaching." For media concern Xi’an turf, said Gao Hongbo had already had to examine, with the conditions of competition, "has to go to Xi’an site inspection, through our concerted efforts, the site expert advice is greatly improved, with the conditions of competition venues." Concerns about the player is too difficult to adjust the fatigue state for the outside world controversial personnel adjustment, Gao Hongbo did not avoid: "the national team has been engaged in the 7 phase of training, before we have introduced national team player selection criteria. And now we don’t repeat it. It should be said that most of the technical level of Chinese players are similar, we may be more concerned about the specific characteristics of the players." Because of Li Xuepeng’s injury, the training of Gao Hongbo may have added to the staff, "the two or three day, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the player’s training status, or physical condition, because our medical director Professor Li arrived tomorrow (Wuhan), after consultation with him is finished, we will decide whether to add players." Gao Hongbo said. In addition to injuries, the current state of the team is the most worried about Gao Hongbo, is that most players reflect their very tired. In addition to the physical, more spiritual and ideological. Because the season has hit the final stage, Hengda, Luneng, on the port of their national team players may have played 50 games. In such a large area of China, the journey is very large. They are in poor health. So the two games are the most difficult stage." Gao Hongbo said. When it comes to the next two games, Gao Hongbo said: "we work every game goal is to win, after all, our final pursuit is qualified for the world cup, so our game strategy is to think of a way to defeat the opponent." Wu Lei can adjust the vacuum that.相关的主题文章:

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