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Meizhou – how to play? Ten classic Junxuan Ren – Sohu of Meizhou tourism is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, but also has a "World Hakka city" reputation, and Chinese historical and cultural city, National Garden City, Chinese ten leisure city and many other Guozihao name card, is an important tourist destination to understand Chinese culture, Hakka culture, silk road culture. But Meizhou is so big, so many attractions, if we want to play, how to play it? How to play with the Meizhou problem, Yufan combined with their own understanding of Meizhou, after screening and sorting, people think that the following ten major projects is the essence of Meizhou tourism, we can arrange the trip according to their own time, such as a day can choose two or three items here, two days can be selected on the four or five, three days of travel can choose seven or eight items, if not too tired to estimate can also be completed all the way down to have a comprehensive understanding of Meizhou. Chinese — understanding of Hakka Hakka Museum window recommended by the index assumes that tour time: 2 – 4 hours – Meizhou is the world’s understanding of Meizhou, should start from the understanding of Meizhou Hakka culture, so I put Chinese Hakka Museum in the first place, it is the Hakka Culture Museum in China’s unique national Chinese the collection, research, exhibition, heritage of Hakka culture as a whole, it can be said that the Global Hakka people’s spiritual home, is the national people culture museum only many people in the Chinese Han nationality. The museum by Chinese Hakka Museum main hall and Huang Zunxian memorial hall, President of the University Museum, museum, museum, a general Hakka Museum, Meizhou Museum of overseas Chinese celebrities LIANLI etc., often with the Hakka Museum main fixed "Hakka" theme exhibition, "where", "Hakka", "the landmark house" and "the humanities show", "Hakka fly" and five chapters, the exhibition of Hakka origin, Hakka customs, Hakka, Hakka culture and Hakka spirit, celebrities and other content, to the world of communication, show the Hakka profound historical and cultural heritage. Chinese Hakka Museum gate, there is an old well, drink from the source of meaning, many sources of Hakka people. It is from this magical land to go out. Customers come from, showcasing the origin of Hakka people, and the five major migration process; Hakka, Hakka people show is industrious, they build their homes in the mountains of life style; landmark display is a Hakka enclosed house, residential buildings, is one of the China five residential buildings, is the Hakka the people in the migration process of cultural history and carry forward the following results, with their traditional etiquette, ethics and philosophy of Feng Shui and other wisdom. The humanities show area, shows the Chongwen Hakka Martial, love patriotic spirit, and great achievements in ideology, literature, education, science and technology. The take-off, shows this in the history of the Chinese Han people, thick and heavy in colours, positive new style, facing the new challenge in the new time and the presentation will take off to ride the wind and waves. At the university president, we have seen 9相关的主题文章:

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