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The "Joan girl" Vivian Chan will return to the Admiralty Awards – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that Vivian Chan will attend the fifty-first annual award ceremony in October 8th, with Bell winner Lan Ching Lung as "best actress" award, at the appointed time, beauty is on the same stage, one of the highlights of the Admiralty ceremony. Vivian Chan will return to Taiwan to attend the Golden Bell Award Vivian Chan a drama and film completed before Vivian Chan, although there are a lot of drama and movie invitation, because all her before played numerous roles, she laughed and said: "as an actor, should challenge different color performance, I most want to try the villain, or challenge the role, if there is a suitable role for me, I also hope to have the opportunity to participate in the Taiwan fashion show." In addition to the performance of the play, Vivian Chan is also a foot beauty fashion circle, she attended the endorsement of the maintenance activities, there are many fashion event invitation, let her go from the drama of classical beauty as beauty fashion witch. By the end of the Golden Bell Award, Vivian Chan moment is not free, have a 3 film ready to shoot 1 films which, apart from the performance, but also the producer Vivian Chan, the first time when the producer Vivian Chan said: "the producer and actor is completely different, I strive to do a good job character, also will do the producer role."相关的主题文章:

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