Zhang Tianai obsession on the red carpet, want to do sassy girl-魔界骑士イングリッド

Zhang Tianai: obsession on the red carpet, want to do a "sassy girl" Zhang Tianai (data plan) according to the Beijing News reported last year, today, if you ask who is Zhang Tianai, most of the people did not answer. But now, by virtue of "Princess promotion" in the "angel of the image and widely acclaimed, and even friends called" national husband "she seems to be the most watched moment star. The first star in the big screen "has broken 600 million passing from your world", become the national box office champion. This will tease powder "and" money "girl, said in an interview with this reporter, don’t look at myself in the" Princess "in the cold side so high handed, but in fact there are little girls, and I want to do is like Gianna Jun" sassy girl". The role of "single chicken" for the state of love in the "Princess" so that the true realization of what life is a lot of possibilities, she never dreamed that she can go to this step. Including a good endorsement and film about, this is what she had never thought before. Smooth so unexpected, dreams may not have such a full and complete. She attributed everything to good luck. In the "Princess", Zhang Tianai played a Pengpeng personality and emotion is more complex, and she starred in the first movie "passing from your world", the role of "Mao chicken" is very simple, simple and kind. Zhang Tianai believes that the former tend to own reality, especially when the princess across the ancient are now some way to make money, the attitude of the work of the ancients to listen and to do a career, it is now her workaholic replica of the state. Single chicken is actually a little more women, she thought that the state is more suitable to talk about love, maybe a lot of friends around me are in a state of love, but I personally say these two years is really too busy." There are some differences between the movie and the novel, which is a part of Zhang Tianai’s feelings. The sudden addition of rain in the play, she almost the whole umbrellas to Deng Chao Chen at the end, half of the body through the outside shower. Zhang Tianai also thought himself a bit silly, but not without his umbrella, with "Mao chicken soup". But so Jizhen will hold the umbrella for the boy she loved, would rather get wet. How beautiful princess is come, and the appearance of Mao chicken in it is almost beautyi. In order to get closer to the character, he decided to make such an attempt. After all, a rare female artist will have such a chance makeup appearance, Zhang Tianai heart is anticipated and worry. The obsession of red carpet has not achieved the desire to have a Zhang Tian’ai obsession: want to wear beautiful dress walking the red carpet. But such a small wish has failed to achieve, is for the first time in the overseas show, because the shooting missed. Later, because of the "world" has a plateau reaction, but also failed to go to the Shanghai film festival. The third time at the Silk Road Film Festival in Xi’an, she prayed that she would not wrestle, not to be exposed, but it was just before the game that the mosquitoes in Xi’an made a confession to her! Then her whole upper lip was swollen. Just as God is really joking, at the time of the end of the red carpet, the bag away. So it’s not so far"相关的主题文章:

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