Adorable new God Jiangshan love painting system grow with you — game-pp点点通2006

Adorable new God   "Jiangshan" love painting system grow with you — game original title: NEW Adorable "painting" the God of love Jiangshan system grow with you as a love integrity round games, "draw Jiangshan" to attract game player who are also warm warm male girl. You don’t believe it? Love system allows you to "painting Jiangshan" appreciate the warmth of home! Love must have noticed the team game player, high frequency dialogue has been very lively world online often is: love XXX, everyone to drive. In the original painting "Jiangshan", there is a love, not to help the old lady cross the street game player to do this kind of thing Oh, after all, is the main feature of "young and strong anger Wang Jiangshan" of the painting. Love system is to help each other to create a harmonious society between the magic system. Love in the world line team shouted words floating in rivers and lakes, no man will live a few days. Game player needs to be team, love values obtained by different grades of players. You can not imagine the kind of indifferent interest transaction Oh, low level of understanding of the game is not so adorable new can take the opportunity to ask all the game and the game problem, and the high level game player in the small pull when they grew up, some also reminded myself. In this atmosphere of mutual help, the game becomes more human and fun. Take care of the value of the work of love, players can exchange the desired items in the love shop, do a good thing, of course, there will be rewards! And the low level of the players who followed the bigwigs who are not particularly fast to find their own growth? So with a sweet embrace thigh is more important than anything! Love shop in addition to love value, there is a special popularity value. Although Lei Feng, the bad guys are still some popular value existence is in the remind game player to have integrity of the bottom line, the online time can increase their popularity value, value is too low will become obnoxious to everyone wanted to be careful ~ thirty to fame dust and soil, eight thousand miles. A symbol of war in ancient China, gas swallow 10000 as tiger; top gun, pull Shan Jiao as potential. The tea to handle "painting" Qiong Ge, jiangshan! (commissioning editor: Dong Sirui, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章:

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