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"City of fantasy" "love" exposure such as cherry MV Ma Tianyu Yi pathos III Huancheng Sakura empty release character song "love like cherry" MV > > > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news today (September 28th), Yao off the TV series "-" netizens "under the official micro-blog time and again" was finally exposed by Vincent Fang Huang Yuxun, composer, lyricist, Ma Tianyu DEDECATES perform the Sakura empty release character song "love like cherry", catchy rhymes, gentle voice melancholy emotion, and not exposed from day to let the fans call "single ember screen song cycle stop". With the "love" of the MV such as on-line Sakura, Sakura empty release will usher in the original tragic death tonight. "Love like cherry" as a gold medal poet Vincent Fang release tailored character song for Sakura empty, a word to describe all the fate of helpless Sakura empty release, the structure of meanders, Sakura empty release from day out, sleet Snowbird III. destiny: "my past life of love and sadness condenses into ice" it is Sakura empty release ice people difficult to survive "and I have this life portrayal; and to the fire" tells the story of life with Sakura empty release after the resurrection day out with vigour and vitality. "And I was just around the fate of the chess" helpless and miserable people can not bear to hear. Just a MV show Ma Tianyu played different roles in life, especially for the first time exposure from day out, face and smile evil character, delicate wild and intractable proud of the splendid Sakura empty release Panruoliangren, golden mask and red armor cut off white ice family love, role reversal is quite looking forward to. I felt so sad when my brother thrust his sword into my chest, not for the life that I was going to disappear, but because I didn’t give him the freedom". After years of Rereading the text will still feel Sakura empty release for his brother paranoid life desolation, tonight 22:00 Hunan TV, Yingkong Shi death as the original classic drama will be staged at the castle, so stay tuned.相关的主题文章:

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