The medical department responsible for the scandal new network agents hunting target –残清1864

The medical department responsible for the scandal: as the agent "hunt" target – Beijing, since March this year, Nanyang City, Henan Province, Wolong District People’s Procuratorate in the field of medical equipment procurement and continuous 3 pieces of 5 series of corruption case involving the upgrade, 3 National Medical institutions. Recently, Wolong District procuratorate Yan Xingzhong said in an interview: "due to the current medical equipment procurement and no relevant management rules, various means of bribery, system Woan Chuanan increased, in addition to the professional, industry unspoken rule, regulation is not in place and other factors, cause the system to upgrade the corruption, it is pity." Blue diary records the amazing secret in early March, Nanyang District of Wolong city procuratorate in the organization of a food and drug safety activities, received an anonymous report from the masses letter, said a hospital in Nanyang City, the former director of laboratory white one use of his office, has to ask for or accept medical legal representative, Yaoxie agents more than 30 rebate million yuan. More than 30 is not a small number! The hospital leadership attaches great importance to set up a working group, on a case investigation. In order not to act rashly and alert the enemy, investigators coordinated Wolong district hygiene Bureau and other units, arrange business trip to work a couple of white side, to seize this opportunity to guide the public security organs of a living on a new residential apartment Phoenix comprehensive search. The first search, the police officers failed; but investigators did not give up, again carpet search, finally found a small wooden box in the bedroom bed in the corner, open look, everyone was shocked: a bundle of 100 yuan in cash, passbook and many precious ornaments stacked boxes. The police officers found a blue diary at the bottom of the box, a few pages were written with numbers and names, with the in-depth data analysis and related communications bribery appearing in court, a corruption case involving medical system on major is slowly opened. The "black deal" according to the investigators found free equipment behind, the white one is 53 years old, working in a hospital in July 1986, assigned to the Nanyang City Committee, Department of medical laboratory, Institute expert review, since 2007, served as director of the Department in charge of general hospital inspection, administrative management, quality control, scientific research, teaching, biological safety management and inspection department of clinical test and inspection equipment, reagents and consumables declaration selection authority. April 6th, the prosecution decided to carry out the arrest of suspects white. The investigators face interrogation, refused to give a white. Adjustment strategy of investigators, take timely recording, playback informants show the evidence of the crime, psychological tactics etc., break through the psychological line of defense, which account for the use of his position, accepting bribery bribery crimes. In early 2009, CRP (C reactive protein) test items in major hospitals have been carried out. The white one in the work at the annual meeting with the general manager of Henan Hao Hui Zhang Wei (handled separately), chat in a white Zhang Wei revealed to want to buy "Ai Kemei" brand immunofluorescence analyzer to carry out business. By understanding, Zhang Wei found a white medical group is a leading hospital, good economic returns, very influential. In order to seize the market, Zhang Wei promised to provide the equipment free of charge to the laboratory, provided that the equipment相关的主题文章:

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