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Han Geng Tang Yan: memories of first boot time to talk to her, afraid of choking – Beijing conference site photo film provides Beijing September 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Lou Xiao) in September 12th, the "journey" series of films "westward journey 3" held in Beijing "through time and space" Theme Conference, director Jeffrey Lau, Xie Hangeng, Zhang Yao Zhang Chao, Xie Nan, Shawn Huang, Hu Jing, and other creative attend activities. Talking about "Pixie" played for the first time collaborator Tang Yan, Han Geng said that Tang Yan met each other very high cold, "I dare not eat on a word with her, I am afraid she will speak on me". The conference site exposure a Thai movie trailer, foreign language dubbing magic full, the fiery opening detonated atmosphere. Because of the "Westward Journey" series of films gave many of the audience left a deep memory, this role has been deeply rooted in it. Turning to the understanding of the role, Han Geng think he is smart, funny, is a warm man, heavy sentiment and justice, is a good man must travel home". Han Geng more bluntly, in their own lives for the family is very sincere, humor, sentimental heart, these qualities and it is very much like that. As the Joker, who plays Han Geng, the "Moonlight" the use of props with ease, he shared the treasure site the use of skills, more fun "to see more annoying people can use the box to let him disappear." Provide Party conference site pictures starring Tang Yan is unable to attend due to filming, recording VCR said that if the moonlight will travel to the scene immediately. However, this section of VCR has been Han Geng Tucao: she is to me to record the video? No mention of it." The conference site, the "Westward Journey" series of film director and screenwriter Jeffrey Lau also open up deeply about themselves and "big" story. "When I was young, very love Buddhist stories, that feeling can make Sun Wukong’s role with the color of love, so I grew up and had the opportunity to shoot such a love story." The director talked about the Westward Journey Series film creation intention film "once there was a true love in front of me, I did not cherish, until the lost when it was too late for regrets, the world the most painful thing." This classic line impressed Jeffrey Lau, he bluntly own movies and I also have a lot of similarities, "after the film, in the film I watched, I felt like I was in my time, if I don’t spend more time with family members, I will regret it like I like." When it comes to creative end "Westward Journey" 3 reasons, "Jeffrey Lau said 2 years ago, in the" Westward Journey "20 anniversary, to feel the need to give a story on the draw period," a lot of things left blank "in the past two, the audience also has been asked, this time to answer all of the questions, to the audience and own a happy ending." It is reported that the film "westward journey 3" will be released in the country in September 14th. (end)相关的主题文章:

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