Beijing exam on the first day of enrollment over 1000 people still have 90% positions no registratio-特命战队go busters

Beijing examination registration on the first day of over thousands of people over the 90% are still no sign – position Beijing Beijing News (reporter Li Yukun) 2017 "Beijing" the first day of registration, as of 15, 1275 people have signed up and passed the examination, the examination department a total of 197 jobs, accounting for the total number of jobs 9.2%. There are still 1939 jobs no registration. Compared to last year, the first day of registration, only 3 people apply for and through the review, this year the number of Beijing enrollment increased significantly, followed by the national test back temperature heat. Changping police station position of the largest number of applicants in many jobs, "Beijing City Public Security Bureau Changping branch" and "police line law enforcement job registration and review by the number of 278 people, most of the current enrollment for the job, the job plan recruiting 63 people, including recruiting 57 men, 6 women. The competitive ratio is 4.41:1. This position has specific requirements are: the administrative relationship between Beijing city resident accounts, personnel candidates in Beijing have graduated from normal graduates in 2017 in Beijing; students can graduate candidates to be normal; non Beijing students should be bachelor degree or above, graduated from normal, can obtain the corresponding degree, and comply with the relevant conditions of the introduction of non Beijing students candidates Beijing city. Compared to other positions, job conditions slightly relaxed. The competition is the highest position in Tongzhou by the end of the 14 day of 15, the highest position for competition than jobs in industry development of Zhongguancun Tongzhou Science Park Management Committee, recruiting 1 people, the academic requirements for undergraduate and above, more than two years (including two years) grass-roots work experience. Currently apply for the position and through the examination of 8 people. The ten position in a fierce competition focused on jobs, industry development of Zhongguancun Tongzhou Science Park Management Committee of the Beijing Municipal Commission of commerce secretary general, Beijing Municipal Planning Commission, Shunyi municipal traffic bureau approval position etc.. There are still 90% jobs no registration by 14, 15, 2136 posts of Beijing civil service recruitment, there are still 1939 jobs no candidates accounted for 90% jobs. No registration in these positions, some positions to recruit a large number, like the Beijing Municipal Bureau of prisons Qinghe Branch prison management positions to recruit 82 people, Daxing District people club Bureau selected graduates job to recruit 50 people. Chaoyang District urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau inspectors positions, Beijing City Public Security Bureau of Fengtai branch of law enforcement positions to recruit a number of more than 40 people. In the aspect of wide conditions into a plurality of branch position candidates preferred the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of the police line law enforcement positions "have become a hot application. As of 15 pm yesterday, the position of Changping, Tongzhou, Daxing, Chaoyang, there were 278 people, 271 people, 159 people, 54 people signed up, Chaoyang, have been far more than the number of recruiting, recruiting more than the current highest close to 5:1. In these positions will be limited to Bachelor degree, no work experience required for account of the requirements are not very strict, meet the requirements of non nationals can also apply for. Expert analysis of public education, said the candidates.相关的主题文章:

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