Super barber shop was fined 90 thousand yuan, not-wegener肉芽肿

"Super" barber shop was fined 90 thousand yuan, not the guests want to cut a 10 dollar hair, the barber said to be tempted to do a "37 yuan" hair, when the check has to pay 1776 yuan. According to Qianjiang Evening News reported, Ningbo Jiangdong District Development and Reform Bureau of the barber shop fined 90 thousand yuan, and said with reference to the "Qingdao price shrimp" incident, make a heavier punishment. "Qingdao prawn" after the incident, people have extensively kingdoms, eat peanuts is a theory, is to eat Steamed Rice grain number, is the root of the hair. Romance is always romance, is to express the prawns only according to "cheating discontent. Unexpectedly, the banter frequently prophecy — not on time but on the hair, hair clips, is an example. Life, most of the clips are durable consumer goods, but do not rule out some disposable consumer goods. The key is that businesses should clearly inform consumers of oral charges, or to put up the price list, the price of the book to do so to inform the obligation. But this store still play "38 yuan shrimp" trick, do not know from the lesson of the former, made for its heavier punishment, not injustice! "The price of shrimp" event as we all know, but now there are businesses suffer, reason is probably still, some businesses feel heavier punishment Qingdao prawn case is the case, become a fish escaped through the Seine is a high probability event. So for this kind of behavior severely punished should become the norm, outcrop hit, truly zero tolerance.相关的主题文章:

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