The people dug shells themselves to drive the police in a sweat-巴雷特m82a1

The people dug shells drove his own police station cold sweats Yangzi Evening News Network September 16th news (correspondent reporter Zhu Dingzhao Huang from the strong in your Huaian Lianshui people) Mr. Huang in the construction site to dig a rusting shells, he was driving to a nearby police station directly to the shell, the police station was a cold sweat: because the shell is likely to explode upon impact. According to the police station of Public Security Bureau of Lianshui County Economic Development Zone police, on the morning of 15, the public Mr. Huang came to the police station the police, said he found a bomb in the site, and let the police feel shocked, Mr. Huang even with his car to the police station to pull the shells. According to Mr Wong, he dug a car in Lianshui County five earthwork Island Lake Park to the Lianshui County Airport site, when a clean and flat surface, he suddenly found a lump of iron, look carefully, turned out to be a mortar shell, while the shell is rusted, but look good, so he driving shells will be sent to the police station. Lianshui County Public Security Bureau police patrol police brigade Shao Zhicheng told reporters, after a preliminary judgment, should be the legacy of war shells, with considerable risk, but Mr. Huang himself drove shells to the police station, this approach is not desirable, because the shell is likely to explode upon impact. At present, the shell has been brought back to the County Council, reported to the Huaian municipal police detachment to prepare eod. Here, the police also reminded the public, in the face of these dangerous goods, do not dispose of their own, should protect the scene, away from dangerous goods, and then timely alarm.相关的主题文章:

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