Heroes union anchor if the wind drunk live self slapped love miss-hit5杨帆

Heroes union anchor if the wind drunk live since slapped love MISS as the saying goes, wine Zhuang gall, a lot of people make myself believe in always drunk. Not long ago, smiled and Jessica live drunken kiss, and even drink out of the doll that divorce statement. Now, our "LOL" "big nose" if the wind had a drink and live, direct self slapped, complete the "five super kill", and finally to the size of MISS Sister good, "affection" confession! If the wind in a recent broadcast, through the camera to confide tipsy. First of all, it is broken before sowing to apologize, full of sincerity, give yourself a slap in the face of five. Then, as if the wind began to show coquettish, never thought before poker-faced if the wind is an old driver so. Clap mhmm kill five side if the wind has coquettish: "we have our own shortcomings, must also have their own advantages, such as my nose, my strong function; as I wear glasses, but my glasses handsome; and you say I’m ugly, with a beautiful camera can also change handsome." If the wind also said "the most important man not long more handsome, handsome may be a toy boy, but people like me, may look not so handsome, but I have a meaning! Handsome is a very easy thing to do, rely on the family, just like the rich two generation, he was born to be rich in the two generation, but ugly people can succeed, is worthy of respect. Like me, not ugly, although not particularly handsome, but I am the first strong function! Second I have the ability! Third I can rely on their own hands to create happiness and happiness! You see 55 open, ugly; PDD, fat, but they are also very good ah. In the end ugly or not ugly, it is difficult to judge the amount of information is really large live, 55 open and PDD lying gun. Said 55 open long ugly, not afraid of UU big beauty and you worry? Also, the nose and the strong function of how to hook the bait, is a large amount of respiratory exhaust? Or that a man rise above the common herd injury to men inflicted by evil persons, so you are that if the wind. Finally, the grand opera, before netizens ridicule, if the wind always becomes a dog, love MISS not open". If the wind drunk also talk about standards: "I love the connotation of a woman, not the kind of good, face more beautiful, tall, long legs and buttocks on the woman I love you, not so shallow, I love that is able to communicate in the depths of the soul and the spirit, you see MISS is not high, not long legs, but also very good!" This is also a disguised form of love to show the big miss MISS. However, the connotation of overstating the depth of the MISS at the same time, but reduced her appearance, in front of the majority of users, say MISS I have no legs or buttocks, miss MISS will not give you a chance.相关的主题文章:

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