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"Haze purification tower" is an utterly inadequate measure: expect the sponge absorbed – Lake Beijing haze Tower: Lake Yang Xue – dry sponge on a haze tower tech observers in nearly a month into the public view in china. From the shape, this is as high as 7 meters, designed by the Holland artist haze purification tower like a giant air purifier, the collection of pollutants can also be made into carbon drill ring. As a modern technology elements of art, although the beauty of less, but in the haze lock floor on the ground, really quite artistic effect. 30 thousand cubic meters of air per hour, equivalent to a medium-sized restaurant fume treatment amount, but for real air purification, it is an utterly inadequate measure. Throw a sponge into the lake, the lake can expect to dry? Moreover, the data released by the Department of haze tower Holland measured, even in Beijing to achieve the same efficiency, according to the pollution level of 100 meters high, if you want to purify the air within the Beijing rings, about the need for fog and haze tower 100 thousand. At this point, look up the brain picture, under the dome, Tallinn illustrious, spectacular. Of course, according to common sense, this assumption is no need to take it seriously, and is suffering a joy. I did not expect that, even if such a standard is not even rule of gadgets, has attracted a number of units to negotiate the introduction of matters, including neighboring Beijing city government institutions and the real estate business. I do not know these suitors, really do not have the basic scientific literacy, or the desire to consume the public haze anxiety, take a trip to the green economy? These years, people have been accustomed to eating melon with the mood and depression with haze, haze scattered and stretch, do not need the introduction of Party education propaganda haze tower "". Public anxiety growing, but everyone is concerned about the structural reduction of emissions, industrial restructuring, coal control and other core issues, but always as clear as fog and haze days. So the air purifier has become a magic weapon to help themselves, perhaps it is based on this helplessness, haze gradually turned to haze economy.相关的主题文章:

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