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The return of young farmers markets in Fuzhou – Beijing lively opening in November 5th, from Taiwan French delicacy medal chef Zhang Zhiying, the scene brought by hand, and personally gave the tourists to eat. Zhang Lijun photo Beijing, November 5 Fuzhou Xinhua (reporter Zhang Lijun) 5 morning, Fujian Province, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Lan Mingshang Gong opening, Fujian and Taiwan market agricultural products in Fuzhou three square seven Lane opening. The scene shows the transaction and micro business order is very lively. "Fujian and Taiwan youth employment and entrepreneurship mentor youth experience exchange forum" held at the same time, cross-strait youth culture and Creative Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Li Jianguo and other guests on the "returning home green green agricultural power poverty alleviation in the theme of" share their experience. "The cross-strait youth entrepreneurship is facing financial problems, such as the third industry, is actually a good choice. Li Jianguo told reporters in beijing. From the Taiwan French delicacy medal chef Zhang Zhiying, the scene brought by hand, and personally gave the tourists to eat. The scene is full of tourists, my child is very fond of the scene, said a tourist. "I want to share good things with you, and I’m going to do some experiential activities on the mainland in the future." Less than a year in Fuzhou, Zhang Zhiying has a lot of creative ideas. Mr Chen Tianli and Mr Taiwan are classmates. They plan to go to the mainland to start their own business. "We are not very familiar with the mainland channel (sales channels), through such activities, for us to open up the situation, will also want to participate in the future." Mr. Jane said. The scene to entrepreneurship, the alliance brought a fruit characteristic of tea…… Tourists, such as chi. Fujian provincial Party committee, said the relevant personnel, will follow the normalization of the route, to provide a better platform for returning youth. It is reported that the Fujian youth returned farmers agricultural products market holiday activities, to provide young farmers agricultural products production and marketing docking trading opportunities for Fujian migrant youth entrepreneurship, to explore the normalization to build agricultural products exhibition communication service platform, and docking with the Taiwan youth entrepreneurship. This event a total of 50 booths, the provincial key counties for poverty alleviation and development of agricultural products in booth 23, Taiwan young farmers agricultural products booth 14, Fujian Province Rural Youth rich leaders of agricultural products in booth 13. (end)相关的主题文章:

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