For the development of the world economy to pull together in times of trouble, (G20, Chinese focused-stanley博士的家2

For the development of the world economy to pull together in times of trouble, (focusing on the G20 summit in Hangzhou? Chinese effect) – International – in a few days, the group of twenty (G20) summit in Hangzhou, the big screen will be opened, China will enter the G20 time". To have friends from afar awfully." G20 summit held in China for the first time, welcoming the guests of the eight party in Hangzhou, the world is more clearly see the role of China, Chinese wisdom, the world’s influence on China’s program. Since the open, transparent and inclusive principle insisted last December 1st to take over the G20 presidency, Chinese open office will uphold the concept, adhere to the open, transparent and inclusive principle, always pay attention to the views of the parties to respect the different voices, let Hangzhou summit more representative and inclusive. Through the coordination of financial and two channels of intensive consultations held the 3 meeting of finance ministers and central bankers and 3 deputy coordinator meeting, will, and dozens of various types of meetings of the working group, to maintain close interaction with the guests, members of the G20 nations, international organizations, mutual understanding deepening, increasing cooperation agreement. By hosting the G20 business summit, women’s conferences, labor conferences, civil society meetings, youth conferences and think tank meetings and other large supporting activities, extensive listening to the voices of the community, to create the most extensive consensus. China actively and actively go out to carry out the full range, multi-level G20 peripheral dialogue. In the general assembly of the United Nations, entered into the headquarters of the African Union, the group of 77, into the least developed countries, landlocked and small island states, the preparations for the summit in Hangzhou, listen to the demands of the interests of all parties. The dialogue covers almost all of the United Nations, especially more than and 130 of the developing countries. In April 2016, Chinese on Hangzhou’s preparations for the summit to African countries in the African Union Conference Center, non party special thanks to Chinese made a special trip to the headquarters of the African Union summit in Hangzhou to carry out dialogue activities, attaching importance to the development of highly. Indonesia Nanyang ASEAN foundation president Bambang? Suhl Hangzhou summit highlights iono believes that the new order of international economy to promote the construction of multiple China reflect the interests and aspirations of the emerging market countries efforts. Hangzhou summit is expected to become a turning point in the global economic order. The sublimation of the spirit of partnership when pull together in times of trouble the world economy and international economic cooperation has reached an important turning point, foundation, can consolidate the recovery and growth of the world economy out of the crisis? Can we grasp the historical opportunity of the progress of science and technology and the new industrial revolution, and lead the world economy to a new round of growth? The answer depends on the common choice and joint action. Since the birth of the G20 summit mechanism, it has become the main forum for international economic cooperation. In reviewing this process, President Xi Jinping said, the most precious is the spirit of partnership members to pull together in times of trouble. Practice shows us that in the context of economic globalization, cooperation is an inevitable choice for countries to meet challenges and achieve development. Chinese invited the ASEAN chair in Laos, chairman of the African Union in Chad, Senegal, the new partnership for Africa’s development in Thailand, chairman of the group of 77 chairman, as well as Kazakhstan, Egypt has two big development in the representative to attend the summit. )相关的主题文章:

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