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Sichuan, a police officer was reported to the police with a number of heterosexual exchanges – Sichuan news network Yibin October 7th hearing in recent days, Yibin, a police report was made with more than a woman friends continue to ferment. According to the reporter, the police are currently accepting an internal investigation of yang. In October 3rd, according to micro-blog users @ flyover film __ posting said: Yang with several female friends there is relationship between men and women, and exposed a lot of chat. Subsequently, there are other micro-blog users @ white dream is issued a document to support, and that he is also a victim. Two people referred to Yang as police station, and had to cover the version adapted "Nanshan south" by the network wide attention. The above broke the news users to disclose Yang also set up a WeChat group, there are 6 people into the group. @ __ flyover film, and Yang held relationship between men and women, girls are more than 10. According to friends broke the news, Yang with several women being exposed, but also to the nude female victim, video threat. The reporter contacted one and Yang had a girl, not a clear response, but that has been related to the police reflect. Someone’s Yang only a few years into the police, because the police is versatile, "the little meat". Yang registered Sina micro-blog certified as a true identity, and because of a number of local straight Bo Department to combat pyramid schemes ineffective, adaptation of "Nanshan south" cover "network become red". Up to now, Yang’s number of micro-blog fans has reached more than 7 people. After the incident, Yang Sina micro-blog by netizens onlookers, comments message far more than in the past, but has always liked to interact with fans Yang did not make any response. The reporter learned from multiple sources, Yang is not currently married, he became the "Red Net", which had participated in the judicial examination, the unit was also learning assignments. "He is still young, it should be said that the future is bright." The police colleagues commented yang. Prior to the reporter also interviewed Yang, in the reporter’s impression, Yang did not sound, people are more fashionable, like online dating, like to interact with people on the internet. After the incident, the reporter also tried to contact Yang through a variety of ways, but no fruit. Currently, Yang is being investigated by the relevant departments. Yang’s micro-blog comments have been closed, WeChat circle of friends has been shielded. Police said the investigation will be published after the end of the survey results.相关的主题文章:

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