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Guangdong Astronomical Society: October 28th will present the Samsung line "- Beijing October 28th rare astronomical phenomena visible Saturn, Venus, Antares Samsung two new network line in Guangzhou on 25 October, (Guo Li Jianji) according to the Guangdong astronomical society revealed that in October 28th this year, the sky will appear" signs of rare three Star Line ": Saturn, beautiful dazzling Venus and red Antares two in a straight line, the naked eye can see, is very eye-catching. Experts said that if the weather is clear, China and even the whole world to see this interesting spectacle. The southern hemisphere is more ideal than the northern hemisphere. Around 30 minutes after sunset can be observed, the best observation time is only about 30 minutes, the observation position in the southern low. October 28th, Guangzhou sunset time 17:52, that is, Guangzhou can be observed at 18:22. Saturn is the largest planet visible to the naked eye, as Saturn has a halo. It is the most beautiful object in the field of view of an astronomical telescope. Venus is the nearest planet to earth, and the brightest object in addition to the sun and the moon. Book of Songs cloud: East Qiming, West chang. Book of Songs said the "Venus, Venus" belong to the same star. Antares two is the brightest star in Scorpio, is the fifteenth brightest star in the night sky. Antares two also known as the "fire" and "Mars rival", its color is the most red in the stars. Recently, after nightfall, Venus can be seen from the west to the east to catch up with the Antares two and saturn. In October 26th two, Venus convergence Antares is 3 degrees, two, two in the south of Venus nakago. In October 28th, Saturn, Venus and Antares two followed by a line. Distinguished from brightness: Venus is the brightest, negative 4; Saturn times, 0.6 magnitude; two Antares was slightly dark, 0.9 magnitude (magnitude smaller, more brightness). From the orientation of distinction: Northeast of Saturn in Venus, Venus is located in the southwest of Antares two. The Samsung line, from October 27th onwards will be observed, with Saturn and Venus range two Antares, every day there is significant change. With Saturn in a circle around the sun cycle is 29.46 years, therefore, Saturn is about 30 years and two stars to meet again. If we miss this chance observation, next time to watch the same Samsung first planetarium, will wait for 30 years. (end)相关的主题文章:

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