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Louis Koo shouted uncle Julian Cheung blunt: Vic children absent Sina entertainment news on September 12th, gangster action movie "anti-corruption Storm 2" premiere conference held in Beijing, director Lin Delu, producer Raymond Wong [micro-blog] [micro-blog], starring Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Ada Choi [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Bowie Lam, [micro-blog] full debut. A sentence "disclose" lines into a starring role is introduced, and the magic of brainwashing, but also adds a lot of mystery to the film, but the film’s plot in the ridicule of friends, has become a "reject pornography", a kichiku spoof. Since the exposure from child age will know Julian Cheung and Louis Koo in the play experience from "kill" to "love" in each scene is broke, and played the killer Zhou Yumin [micro-blog] because "at home with children" in the absence of regret. The event, one of the lines in the movie "do not disclose" become the creative word, Julian Cheung introduce themselves directly replied: "do not disclose", Louis Koo said when asked about the role of different points compared with the first time: "is not convenient to disclose". The film plays and Madam Ada Choi said, you play one of the smartest girls, and the life of their great contrast, but the actor’s line and experience the same "is not convenient to disclose". It is reported that Louis Koo’s plays to the ICAC chief investigation officer Lu Zhilian, according to him the Ministry of land Zhilian more delicate and fragile heart, "it will be interesting". Julian Cheung subvert the previous male image of God, as a decadent ruffian police, he said this character was a "flawed" police, because love gambling become family ruined. And Zhou Yumin is in the film in a solitary killer. Because it is relatively quiet few words, Zhou Yumin into the play quickly, therefore, was also praised by Julian Cheung, this killer is a bit cool". As a good friend of many years, Louis Koo and Julian Cheung’s many scenes in the film, the first two people play the role of the relationship is opposite, then together in the process of handling cases gradually become friends together. Julian Cheung joked that "when" we still have a child and Louis understanding, cooperation for many years, she has become a home, Louis has become the boss, two people have many different feelings brought into play. Louis Koo also admit that Julian Cheung himself with children’s birthday "Uncle Julian Cheung recorded a video for his Happy birthday". In the film the killer Zhou Yumin was unable to attend as CEO, but also recorded a VCR airborne scene, introduces himself in the film the killer role, but Zhou Yumin did not come to the scene, Louis Koo said: "the children’s upright." Director Lin Delu said, compared to the 2014 "anti-corruption storm", the Ministry has aggravated the action scenes, such as speed, shooting, melee and other scenes, talked about the play after shot speed, Julian Cheung said: "the speed of the director really scared me, he told us the action guidance said, the car opened the past is OK. Did not expect to have a few cars will come across, I watched them rushing, parking,)相关的主题文章:

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