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The old Jiaxing Downtown on CCTV to death let daughter get out of the Xu Village judicial mediation room in Zhejiang province Jiaxing city of Haining, Wang Guilan (a pseudonym) the old man to death, want to give her daughter the couple to cleanse the family, and they are no longer two old people living together. But the son-in-law to Shao Qiang (a pseudonym), ten years ago he married to her family, and the wife had to operate his family textile factory, is ten years, regardless of their mother-in-law can pay, to put them out? In the case of a big son-in-law to Shao Qiang (a pseudonym), the mother-in-law has always been very eccentric. Her little daughter is now threatening to leave all her family property to her little daughter. He feels this is unfair to him and his wife. Mother Wang Guilan (a pseudonym) said angrily, she had only two daughters, the eldest daughter had to stay in the side, also recruited a family son-in-law, is to let the daughter of a patrimony, give them two old people to thrive, but did not expect the big daughter couple always Bing and his wife on her cross, quick to run away. Originally, the eldest daughter Wang Guilan (a pseudonym) is not old two flesh and blood, they are adopted, they are worried about the future one day, the eldest daughter couple really will leave this house, the two old people on their daughter’s 30 years of nurturing and pay for not only will be destroyed on one day. So they just cruel let the couple moved out, the home of the plant and equipment rental, rent endowment, and after death, the property is given to his own daughter. And the big son-in-law to Shao Qiang (the name of the chemical) thought that since he entered the home, he was in the heart of the production, to build the home. Unexpectedly, the mother-in-law always thought they didn’t work hard enough. They always felt that their factory development was not as good as those of others, so they were very strict with them. Even if they had a rest for work, they would be reprimanded by their mother-in-law. Over the past 10 years, it keeps the house property law, has nothing to do with the couple, they are really hard to accept, with the contradiction between the mother-in-law is also growing. Three months ago, because the family factory needed a certain working capital to purchase the goods, he wanted to set up a 100 thousand yuan credit card to Shao Qiang (a pseudonym). He needed a guarantor to deal with the large credit card. He found his wife’s sister. The original couple promised sister-in-law this matter, can not think of the time for the sister-in-law suddenly changed gua. Father-in-law Yue mother said that in case of running to Shao Qiang (the pseudonym), they should take responsibility for their own daughter, which would harm the daughter of his own. To Shao Qiang (a pseudonym) that the change is the sister-in-law father-in-law’s instigation, father-in-law’s approach is to let him feel the chill, and his place? Rome wasn’t built in a day. They have deep grudges, but also living under one roof? What can the mediators come up with to get rid of the estrangement in your heart? How to solve the contradiction between the 1, a family of modesty and family members don’t Diamond cuts diamond., to give each other the opportunity to say, for the sake of each other, to avoid unnecessary conflicts, affection is priceless. 2, a surprise, making dramatic effects, often a lot of contradictions in the joke. 3, two responsibilities, undertake their own responsibilities and obligations, more for the family to do a little, less for their own consideration. 4 and two points of communication, many of the contradictions are due to the lack of communication among family members so that the contradiction is intensified. 5, four points should be open-minded, life is short, to create a harmonious society, harmonious family, always want to open, do not care about everything, don’t intrigue, not petty, open-minded point, willing to live relaxed and happy thanksgiving. Xiao Bian nagging: if not natural, living together for thirty years, not even the basic trust are not. Between family members more trust, more pay, home and everything.

嘉兴老人闹上央视 以死相逼让女儿女婿净身出户 在浙江省嘉兴海宁市许村司法所的调解室里,王桂兰(化名)老人以死相逼,想让大女儿夫妇净身出户,不再与他们老两口生活在一起。可是大女婿向少强(化名)认为,十年前他入赘到了她家,和妻子辛辛苦苦地经营着家庭的纺织工厂,难道十年后,岳母就能不顾他们的付出,非要把他们扫地出门吗?在大女婿向少强(化名)看来,岳母一直都很偏心她的小女儿,现在更是扬言要把全部的家产都留给小女儿,他觉得这对他和妻子来说实在是太不公平了。母亲王桂兰(化名)气愤地说,她只有两个女儿,当初把大女儿留在身边,还招了个入赘女婿,就是想让大女儿一家继承家业,给他们老两口养老送终,可没想到,大女儿夫妇总是对她和老伴横挑鼻子竖挑眼,动不动就要离家出走。原来,这个大女儿不是王桂兰(化名)老两口的亲骨肉,是被他们收养的,他们很担心将来有一天,大女儿夫妇真的会离开这个家,他们老两口对大女儿的30年的养育和付出不但毁于一旦,还会老无所依。所以他们干脆狠心让夫妻俩搬出去,把家里的厂房设备出租,以租金养老,而百年之后,就把财产都赠与自己的亲生女儿。而大女婿向少强(化名)认为,自从他进入这个家,就一心扑在生产上,要把这个家建设好。没想到,岳母总是认为他们不够努力,总觉得他们家工厂的发展比不上旁人,因此对他们十分严苛,哪怕他们工作的间隙休息一会儿也会遭到岳母的斥责。10年过去了,现在岳母口口声声,家里的财产都与他们小两口无关,他们实在难以接受,跟岳母之间的矛盾也越来越大。三个月前,因为家里的工厂进货需要一定的周转资金,向少强(化名)打算办一张10万元钱的信用卡,大额信用卡的办理需要担保人,他找到了妻子的妹妹。原本小姨子夫妇都应承了这件事,可没想到临办理的时候,小姨子突然变了卦。岳父岳母说,万一向少强(化名)跑了,就要他们的亲生女儿承担责任,这就害了亲生女儿。向少强(化名)觉得,小姨子的变卦就是岳父岳母的唆使,岳父岳母的做法实在让他觉得寒心,这个家还有他的容身之处吗?冰冻三尺,非一日之寒。芥蒂已深的他们,还能生活在一个屋檐下吗?调解员还能想出什么办法,消除大家心里的隔阂呢?家庭矛盾如何解决1、一分谦让,家庭成员之间不要事事针尖对麦芒,多给对方说的机会,多为对方着想,避免发生不必要的冲突,亲情无价。2、一分惊喜,制造戏剧化效果,往往很多矛盾在玩笑中灰飞烟灭。3、二分责任,承担自己应尽的责任和义务,多为家庭做一点,少为自己考虑一些。4、二分沟通,很多矛盾都是由于家庭成员之间缺乏沟通从而使矛盾激化。5、四分豁达,人生短暂,应创建和谐社会、和谐家庭,凡事想开点,不要事事斤斤计较,不要勾心斗角,不要贪小便宜,心胸开阔一点,乐于感恩的人活得轻松愉快。小编碎碎念:即使不是亲生的 ,一起生活了三十多年 ,不至于连点基本的信任都没有。家庭成员之间多点信任、多点付出,家和万事兴嘛。相关的主题文章:

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