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Expert: J -10B known Asia second? I’m afraid hard into the top three domestic exhibitors with the Zhuhai airshow is approaching, China military gradually put in place. Among them, the air force sent Chinese f -10B has attracted widely attention due to the exhibition for the first time. Even the media called it the "top second" fighter. Judging from the change of the shape of the present, the machine does not a small improvement, performance has improved than annihilates -10A. Experts on the "Global Times" reporter said, in other Asian countries and regions is indeed very difficult to find a can to overwhelm the machine produced a fighter, but in the domestic machine that can not enter the top three. F -10B fighter is October 25th arrived in Zhuhai airport. Careful users found that the machine has been coated with the air force, the production numbers indicate the production of certain aircraft, that the PLA Air Force has been officially equipped f -10B, this is the first public appearance of aircraft. Experts on the "Global Times" reporter said, judging from the appearance, the most obvious improvement of the machine is to use the DIS inlet, the inlet can reduce the structural weight, increase the intake efficiency in most speed range, improve the total pressure recovery ratio, and the engine turbine blade has a certain block, reducing the radar echo. Second, the shape of the nose is more flat, which is favorable for the pre compression of airflow. Third, the machine adopts the vertical bar instrument module, and the cutting tip processing, instrument cabin was probably used for electronic warfare. Fourth, the aircraft upgraded the avionics system and sensors. A spherical infrared search aiming system is added above the head of the machine, which can track the target under the condition of radar silence, and is helpful to find the stealth target. Although the machine equipment is generally what radar on the network that can make nothing of it, but is the machine to use the passive phased array radar, which has multi target attack ability, it is at least not worse than the F2 standard rafale. However, compared with the active phased array radar, the passive phased array radar has some disadvantages such as reliability, sensitivity and anti-jamming ability. In addition, the machine is installed at the tail root of ultraviolet missile approach warning system for missile warning. Fifth, the machine adopts the windshield suspected metal film and the canopy. The cockpit is an important radar reflection source of the aircraft, which has greatly weakened the radar echo. In addition, the DIS inlet can block the radar echo of the other important radar source of the turbine blade. Through the adoption of these measures, I believe that the aircraft’s radar reflection area will be significantly reduced. The expert said, according to the previously announced AVIC at the Zhuhai air show information, f -10 fighter maximum take-off weight of 18.6 tons, the largest in 6.6 tons, a maximum speed of 1.8 Maher, a ceiling of 17 thousand meters. The performance of F -10B may enhance. The improvement of the magnitude of the machine, in the three generation machines are rare. Some media believe that the aircraft is Asia’s top second aircraft". This statement is probably in Asia since the research and open type of fighter f -20 first, f -10B the order of the top second. However, the Chinese military experts told the Global Times reporter, said that some of the ranks of the Chinese aviation industry underestimated. Actual)相关的主题文章:

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