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Gold prices rose 25% in 2016, what is the real reason? These four words and Babala | poor crazy also want to buy, how to use shopping? Precious metals become one of the best performing asset classes in 2016, gold futures rose so far this year, about 25%, while silver futures rose by more than 39%. So what is the real reason for gold and silver in 2016 so dazzling? Kitco technology analyst Kira Brecht gives the answer is: uncertainty. Brecht pointed out that uncertainty is the main driving force for gold buyers this year, including a large number of macroeconomic, monetary and policy concerns. The following six factors that the global fund manager "on tenterhooks" negative interest rate environment: it is estimated that there are nearly 500 million people living in the negative interest rate environment worldwide, accounting for nearly 25% of global GDP. The global central bank has desperate to negative interest rate experiment, eventually developed economies and as a means of stimulating the weak and heavily indebted. What effect will this bring? No one really until, this is a major uncertainty". The United States presidential election: recent polls show U.S. presidential election competition is increasingly intense, Hilary and Trump in the "Diamond cuts diamond." situation in some investigations. The stock market, the economy and the business do not want uncertainty. Companies are reluctant to invest heavily in infrastructure, technology and recruitment. Shrouded in uncertainty of the enterprises will be sitting on cash and in a defensive posture. The outcome of the presidential election and its impact on the market is also a "uncertainty"". U.S. Federal Reserve to raise interest rates: the latest U.S. employment data poor performance, which makes the Fed rate hike in September is expected to suffer setbacks again. Market analysts and policy makers said the December meeting is likely to raise interest rates. The current federal funds rate is only slightly higher than zero interest rates – the fed in December last year, the meeting raised interest rates by 25 basis points. From the perspective of economics, politics and the market, the December meeting was quite remote. A lot of things can happen. Do not bet on December will raise interest rates. Will the Fed raise interest rates in 2016? This is also a big uncertainty". The US recession: will the US economy fall into recession before monetary policy is normalized? The answer is that the possibility of certainty has risen, because of the cycle and time. The current cycle of economic expansion has been going on for a long time. According to statistics, the average duration of the expansion cycle of the U.S. economy is 69.5 months, the current U.S. economic expansion has reached a period of 87 months. So what will the Fed do in the future? Negative interest rates, helicopter money or more quantitative easing? Really full of uncertainty. Britain’s removal of Europe: Although the UK’s initial impact on global financial markets is mild. But with the long process of coming back to Europe, the real economic and market impact has not yet been revealed. This is also a "uncertainty" factor. Geopolitics: in modern society, geopolitical uncertainties often emerge. In the face of military, political and economic pressure, gold has been proved to be a safe haven. Brecht concluded that the uncertainty of A.相关的主题文章:

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