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DNF8 31 digital decryption keys released   digital right; signal – game people.com.cn original title: dnf8 31 digital decryption keys released DNF digital signal digital decryption 8.31 dnf8 31 digital DNF 8.31 digital decryption decryption keys released third digital signal, digital phase is the decryption password change, in addition to update many new welfare activities, don’t forget to decrypt the digital game player to complete it. DNF digital decryption keys 8.31 is what? The correct answer is "33", do not know if you have guessed it? Number of decryption tips: 1, the password in the center of the board is the number of decryption in your board will reset reset after a week, if you can only play a number of decryption words, then recorded an answer good. 2, the digital decryption of the decryption board consists of a total of 81 lattice, the players each lit horizontal, vertical, oblique row of the grid can get a column of the 9 reward, when the completion of the 8 groups, you can complete the decryption! The red below to complete the horizontal 9 lattice, purple 9 lattice 9 lattice, yellow vertical oblique arrangement completed completed. No matter horizontal, vertical, oblique, as long as the completion of the 8 groups can be decrypted. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章:

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