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Natural disasters, man-made ecological barrier crisis – Beijing Qilian Mountains is an important ecological barrier in northwest area of China, parts of the water conservation is the lifeline of Gansu and Inner Mongolia, five cities in Hexi, Qinghai about 5000000 people live. Since 2015, banyuetan reporters has five in-depth research found that: Qilian Mountains, Qilian Mountains ecological partial improvement, but the overall deterioration. Exploration and mining, tourism, agriculture and animal husbandry production and other activities, so that the fragile ecological environment burden; climate warming, snow line rise, accelerated melting of glaciers, the ecological crisis facing the imminent downstream. This is the East peak mining in Qilian Mountains National Nature Reserve core area taken open mine fan Pei? By the man-made disaster, natural disasters, ecological barrier challenges drove along the Gansu border, into the Qilian Mountains National Nature Reserve core zone, a road about 5 meters, the length of 50 kilometers above the mountain road, crossing Joe shrub forest, which stretches. On both sides of the road, the grass was exposed, gravel exposed. Lanzhou branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences has conducted research in this area, issued a report: prospecting, mining, transportation, dumping waste and so on, has formed vegetation stripping and mining waste rock pile. Especially open-pit mining, topsoil stripping volume, not only caused the collapse and buried vegetation, soil erosion, lead to geological disasters, harmful waste water will cause the deterioration of water quality and environmental pollution. In Zhongnong Shandan Racecourse belonging to the West River reservoir, and is not approved before construction of the tourist facilities built. All along the edge of the winding trail out of the reservoir, small wooden buildings stood at the edge of the reservoir. Agriculture and animal husbandry in some places disorderly expansion, so that ecological hit hard. Qilian Mountains. The total length of 800 kilometers, including 650 kilometers in the territory of Gansu Zhangye City Sunan Yugur autonomous county. Chang Haixia and the National People’s Congress, Sunan County has been living in Qilian at the foot of the mountain. When she was a child, she could not see a cow in the meadow bush. Nowadays, a lot of grassland degradation is obvious, the surface is bare. In the territory of Minle County in Gansu Province, the reporter noted that the land has been extended to the boundary fence under the Qilian Mountains. In Shandan racecourse, large flocks of sheep in the pasture grazing grass. According to retired cadres Li Hongfu introduced last race belonging troops, although grazing, but there are clear requirements, 1000 acres of pasture grazing permit 140 ~ 150 sheep, or 60 to 70 cows. Today, 1000 acres of grassland often have a ~ ~ ~ 400 sheep, or 150 ~ 160 cattle. At the same time, the glaciers are melting in the depths of Qilian Mountains. In the 71 case of Chinese glacier, cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute expert respectively in August 2012, August 2013 by using a handheld GPS, along the glacier terminal boundary to collect data of the two, found that the glacier a year retreat about 5 ~ 7m. Experts said that as the climate continues to warm, it can be predicted that the melting of glaciers will continue to intensify, glacier retreat trend will continue. Found behind a mountain of conflicting interests banyuetan reporters investigation, survival and protection, huge and limited protection ability, historical legacy)相关的主题文章:

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