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21 of the crew stranded in Kaohsiung for more than and 50 days in Wuhan: come back the day before yesterday, Taiwan Kaohsiung "to solve the local rescue departments sent a batch of vegetables and fruits. We haven’t had any vegetables for more than half a month." The day before yesterday, the Shandong crew Wang and the Wuhan evening news reporter made contact, the stomach full of grievances poured out of breath. Shi Wei told reporters in July 17th, Wang and several other crew members by the Wuhan Xin Yu Sheng crew management company limited (hereinafter referred to as Xin Yu Sheng) sent to Kaohsiung, the evening of 19 month aboard the cargo ship, cargo ship result has not started, has been docked in Kaohsiung. So far, they have a line of 21 people have been on board for a full stay for more than and 50 days, did not get a penny wages do not say, even daily life has become a problem. 21 crew members of the port of Kaohsiung detention for more than and 50 days last week, Wang’s girlfriend to call Wuhan Evening News Hotline (027 – 82333333) for help, said Wang was a Wuhan crew company sent to Kaohsiung, the ship trapped for more than a month, the crew did not get wages, supplies have been supply, crew there are signs of emotional breakdown. Subsequently, she will be provided to the reporter Wang QQ number, they can only rely on the ship’s phone contact with foreign countries, the charges are expensive, in general, we only communicate through QQ." Through the QQ dialogue, Wang told the Wuhan evening news reporter, in mid July he was introduced by a friend, from Shandong to Wuhan, in the "Xin Yu Sheng" signed a labor contract, was sent to Kaohsiung to run the boat, as a chef, agreed monthly salary of $1200, $6 a day for meals, "meals standard than the industry standard low, but we didn’t care, out to earn money, this money can not care about. But there’s something wrong with the ship." Wang said, the whole ship including the captain, 21, embarked on the evening of July 19th, but found that the fuel, spare parts and supplies are not enough, part of the ship equipment problems. "We first time with Xin Yu Sheng company to report, the company has been said to solve, but has been dragged to the present." Wang said, because the company, with the fact that there has been no shipment of goods, the crew on the ship was consumed more than a month. During this period, all did not get paid, some supplies have also had exhausted, the last half month on board only rice and some meat, can eat vegetables, drink plenty of water to drink only has yellow water storage. "We can’t get out, stayed in the cabin every day." Wang said, fortunately the cargo ships offshore location not too far, the crew can only chat, through the mobile phone network and family video, to kill the boring time. But like prison in the same month for more than a month, but also worried that wages can not get, the crew’s mood is not very good, some people even appear swollen eyes. Wang also sent a number of photos of the ship on the kitchen, the picture shows that the outflow of water is pale yellow. Company requirements: first come back, to solve the problem. In September 9th, the Wuhan evening news reporter Sheng crew management Co. in an interview with Wuhan Xinyu, an unnamed official said, because in Kaohsiung there has been no goods, all the crew on board, the ship has been empty, "they (the crew) sleep month相关的主题文章:

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