Hubei five year old man raped a neighbor 5 years old daughter informed not alarm sql2005安装图解

Hubei five year old man raped a neighbor 5 year old girl who lives in a village in Jingmen of Dongbao was informed after the alarm archway Hemou (a pseudonym, 54 years old) projection color center, will turn on the defenceless girl, bad behaviour deserve punishment. Recently, Dongbao District procuratorate rape on the prosecution Hemou, Hemou jailed for 5 years. Case reduction in the autumn of 2014 one day after dinner, living in the town of Dongbao District, Zhen Zhen Village in the home to meet the neighbor child Xiao Hong (alias, born in 2009), to give sugar to eat on the grounds to coax it to the home, the implementation of the attempted sexual act on Xiao hong. On the same day, after Xiao Hong returned home, he told Grandma about the situation. Taking into account the children’s reputation, the elderly did not alarm. In March this year, Xiao Hong told this situation to his mother Chen, Chen to find Xiao Hong’s grandmother to verify after the next day report. In July 8th this year, Hemou family to the red and its family compensation solatium 10 thousand yuan. The court held that Hemou raped a girl under 14 years of age, his behavior constituted a crime of rape, should be severely punished according to law, pretending to have the above judgment. Relevant legal links: "People’s Republic of China criminal law" 236th article: [rape] with violence, coercion or other means of raping women, more than three years imprisonment less than ten years. Rape of a girl under fourteen years of age shall be severely punished on the basis of rape.   湖北五旬男子性侵邻居5岁幼女 老人知情后未报警   家住荆门东宝牌楼某村的何某(化名,54岁)突起色心,将魔爪伸向无防卫能力的幼女,其恶劣行径得到应有的惩处。近日,经东宝区检察院以强奸罪对何某进行了公诉,何某获刑5年。   案件还原   2014年秋季的某一天晚饭后,家住东宝区牌楼镇某村的何某在家门口遇见邻居家小孩小红(化名,2009年出生),以给糖吃为由将其哄骗至家中,对小红实施性行为未遂。   当天,小红回家后,将情况告诉了奶奶。考虑到孩子的名声,老人没有报警。今年3月,小红将这一情况告诉了妈妈陈某,陈某找小红的奶奶核实后于次日报案。今年7月8日,何某家属向小红及其家属赔偿精神抚慰金1万元。   法院审理认为,何某奸淫不满14周岁幼女,其行为已构成强奸罪,应依法从重处罚,故作出上述判决。   相关法律链接:   《中华人民共和国刑法》第二百三十六条:[强奸罪]以暴力、胁迫或者其他手段强奸妇女的,处三年以上十年以下有期徒刑。奸淫不满十四周岁的幼女的,以强奸论,从重处罚。  相关的主题文章:

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