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Harbin "super fish" businesses involved: drunk tourists also hands – Sohu deadbeat journalism, stores have different argument. Yesterday afternoon, someone’s Hotel "Songbei wild fish village to speak. Who was on duty manager Zhao Ling said, Chen Yan said, is not true. Zhao Ling said, "now the whole online businesses was too big, but he does not reflect the true situation, he did not spend more than 10000. Finally, we gave him thirty percent off, he paid 7200 yuan." Zhao Ling said, the number of tourists around 7:30 in the evening in the restaurant, with a box of white wine, drank, and added a bottle. As Zhao Ling said, the sturgeon fish weight, after the order, the guest still left on the desk a memo, but when these tourists do not raise any objection. She said, the gentleman ordered, the clerk told him that the sturgeon fish, how much, how much, confirmed with him after the end of the list, to his desk with a list, and then the guests at that time did not say what. Not because of the four pounds of fish to give him a break. Zhao Ling said, these tourists not only drunken deadbeat, also hit. The hotel was finally discounted, because the boss in order to avoid. "They have a short hair, wearing a black jacket of a woman, not particularly pressing thing, then pull out the waiter out of my collar and because of their work, they reported the 110, we also reported 110. The police came to see the monitor, said if you don’t deal with it back to the police station, the parties detained a few days to come, the boss in the police there for guests to intercede, because they move. If you look at the Chinese new year, people are not easy to play, not because of this whole thing is not happy, big new year’s, and the old man and the child, make up the police station? Well, let’s deal with the table when I do not make money. Then give him a thirty percent off." Zhao Ling said.

哈尔滨“天价鱼”涉事商家:游客酒后赖账还动手-搜狐新闻   不过,店家却有不同的说法。昨天下午,涉事的饭店“松北野生鱼村”开口说话了。自称当时值班的经理赵玲说,陈岩所说的情况,不属实。赵玲说,“现在网上整的对商家简直影响太大了,但是他反映的情况不属实,他根本就没花一万多。最后我们给他打了七折,他实际付款7200元。”   赵玲说,这批游客在晚上7点半左右进店用餐,自带了一箱白酒,喝光了之后,还另加了一瓶。   至于鳇鱼的斤两,赵玲说,下单后,还在客人桌上留了一份水单,但当时这批游客没有提出任何异议。她表示,这位先生点了菜,服务员告诉他点的是鳇鱼,多少钱一斤,多少斤,跟他确认完了以后出单子,出到他台面上有一份单子,然后这个客人那个时候什么都没说。不是因为四斤鱼才给他打的折。   赵玲说,这批游客不但酒后赖账,还动手打人。而饭店最后之所以打折,就是因为老板为了息事宁人。“他们还有一个短头发、穿黑色羽绒服的一个女的,特别不压事儿,出来以后就薅服务员的脖领子,因为他们动手了,他们报了110,我们也报了110。警察来了看了监控,说如果你们不协商解决,就带回警察局,把各方拘留几天怎么怎么样,老板在警察那儿给客人求情,因为是他们动的手。说你看大过年的,人家出来玩也不容易,别因为这个事儿整得挺不高兴,大过年的,又有老人又有孩子的,犯得上上派出所吗?这样吧,咱们协商解决,这桌我就当不挣钱了。然后给他打的七折。”赵玲介绍说。相关的主题文章:

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