Wonderful flower! Mavericks coach comments on the other side of the penalty affixed to the tape with yo te amo

Wonderful flower! Mavericks coach offbeat comment tape Speechless fine mouth (Figure) – Sohu (Jack   sports; Dallas report) Beijing time on April 27th, the Dallas Mavericks in the home court to 121 to 109 victory over the Houston rockets, the first victory in the series, more than 1 to 3 behind the rockets. In this game, three Mavericks players to get two pairs of data, Ellis scored 31 points, Noveski 16 points, Amie slaves 16 points, 12 boards, Chandler 10 points 14 plates; rockets, harden 24 points, Josh – Smith 10 cast 8, get 23 points. For today’s Barea and Amie JJ starters, Carlile said: "let them start, not only because of their last game in the last minute performance, but also because the recent players injured a lot.". The main reason for our victory today was the rebound, although we were behind in the first game, but our players came back, kept pace, then quickly moved the ball, reduced turnovers, and continued to attack the opponent’s basket. Especially in the middle of the second quarter, when Noveski is not on the pitch, but with Vera Niufu led bench players played very well, so we changed the game." After the game, when the reporter asked questions about the penalty, Mavericks coach Carlile actively took out a piece of adhesive tape, said: "you want me to comment on the penalty?" "I brought something here," he said, and he put it on his mouth. After that, he added, "actually, we’ve been playing very hard with the Rockets. All we can do is keep ourselves from falling back and accept the challenge of Houston. We’ll be better prepared for this kind of intensity in fifth games." In addition, Carlile also made a very high evaluation of Mavericks players: "today Ellis played very well, continued shooting, and keep a good rhythm of attack, Ellis’s attack, like a train, continue to attack. Noveski read the game well, too. Overall, the key to winning the game today is rebounding. All we need is the players to do what they can, without more demands. The team continues to attack, the Rockets shrink defense, and then defense problems; at the same time, our team more vitality. Harden, the opposite player, didn’t do very well tonight. So we’re going to work harder and keep pace in the next game." 奇葩!小牛主帅另类点评判罚 嘴贴胶布无语(图)-搜狐体育     (Jack 达拉斯报道)北京时间4月27日,达拉斯小牛在主场以121比109战胜休斯敦火箭,取得了本个系列赛的第一场胜利,以1比3落后于火箭队。本场比赛,小牛球员里三人拿到两双数据,埃利斯得到31分,诺维斯基16分,阿米奴16分12板,钱德勒10分14板;火箭方面,哈登24分,约什-史密斯10投8中,拿到23分。   对于今天让阿米奴和JJ巴里亚的首发,卡莱尔说:“让他们首发,不仅是因为他们在上一场比赛最后时刻的出色表现,也是因为最近球员伤员很多。今天我们主要获胜原因就是因为篮板,虽然我们在第一节比赛结束后落后,但是我们的球员打了回来,保持了自己的节奏,然后快速转移球,减少失误,持续攻击对方篮筐。特别是在第二节中段,那时候诺维斯基都不在场上,但是以维拉纽夫为首的替补球员打得非常好,让我们转变了比赛。”   赛后,当记者发问关于判罚的问题后,小牛队主教练卡莱尔主动拿出了一张胶布,说:“你们是想让我点评判罚吗?我带了点东西过来”说完,他便将胶布贴在了自己的嘴上。之后他补充道:“其实我们和火箭队比赛一直很激烈,我们所能做的就是让自己不退缩,接受休斯敦的挑战。我们也会在第五场比赛时最好准备迎接这样强度的比赛。”   此外,卡莱尔对小牛球员也做出了极高的评价:“今天埃利斯打得非常好,持续投篮,并且保持很好的进攻节奏,埃利斯的进攻就像一辆火车一样,持续地进攻。诺维斯基也很好地阅读了比赛。总体来说,我们今天赢得比赛的关键还是篮板。我们所要求的就是球员尽自己所能,没有其他更多的要求。球队持续的进攻让火箭收缩防守,进而防守出现问题;同时,我们的球队更保持活力。对方球员哈登今晚表现不是很好。所以,下场比赛我们还是会更加努力,保持节奏。”相关的主题文章:

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